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The play we watched was Blood Brothers by Willy Russell at the Phoenix Theatre. It is a musical drama/tragedy about two twins separated at birth, growing up, always unaware of the "truth" until that one fateful day...

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Blood Brothers Review by Dean Morris 11B Candidate No. 5498 The play we watched was Blood Brothers by Willy Russell at the Phoenix Theatre. It is a musical drama/tragedy about two twins separated at birth, growing up, always unaware of the "truth" until that one fateful day... Blood Brothers the musical is an amazing and original story. I believe that this version (the musical) of blood brothers Is told better than the Hollywood dramatisation of blood brothers. You will not of come across anything like this, that has you hooked from the opening of the curtain until it closes like Blood Brothers does. E.g. it opens with the line "Tell me it's not true, say it's just a story" and it ends with the same line-"Tell me it's not true, say it's just a story "which to me suggest it gives you a powerful hook, which makes this Musical an instant "Classic" Linda Nolan plays "Mrs Johnstone" with gusto. Her accent slips from scouse to Irish. She does though have a tendency to gather her strength for the big finish, but there is a playfulness in Marilyn Monroe, which suggests that she is thinking of herself in her youth and how when she was young she was like Marilyn Monroe. ...read more.


Her role was naturalistic. Keith Burns who played the narrator had the hardest job. His mannerisms both physical and vocal helped evoke terror into the audience and just his appearance would leave the audience on the edge of their seats. His mannerisms was to keep a sullen but straight face while either delivering his lines or even singing them, and when he was delivering his soliloquy his voice was deep and straight not edgy which gave him the air of dominance, like a murder he kept his cool no matter what the victim was doing. this was also helped by his costume which was a suit, lighting which when he appeared spotlighted him and made the stage dark and music, not to unlike a horror movie helped to evoke terror by playing suitable music at key parts of his talking. Sometimes his headpiece wasn't loud enough, and the music sometimes overpowered him in certain scenes which unfortunately dampened his character for me which is a real shame as his part is most enjoyable, hopefully that was just a technical fault on the day and that it would be rectified if you went and saw it again not an un-correctable fault. ...read more.


e.g. as the story progressed she original started with a pretty dress like Marilyn Monroe, to the sort of "not caring what sort of clothes you wear" mum to simple overalls as a worker. All the way through you will be hooked. The singing and dancing will make sure of that. Even the atmosphere created by Keith Burns will have you on the edge of your seat wanting to know more and/or what's going to happen. If I had to direct though I would change the songs, as I felt while I was watching it felt rather like a number you would hear in the charts and it took away and harmed the play but most people wouldn't be bothered with fiddling with what is arguably a great formula which keeps children of all ages hooked, and its amazingly large online fan base with the official one which was set up by Adam Nolan http://www.bloodbrothersonline.groups.msn.com No matter whether you sit in the stalls or the dress circle you cannot fail to have a good time. Blood brothers has stood the test of time. Melodrama or not it still has the power to move people. Perhaps it's the cast, or the music, or the story itself it was an excellent performance with some outstanding acting from all, which will still be remembered in twenty years or more. ...read more.

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