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The play we went to watch was called The Woman In Black. The playwright was by Stephen Mallatratt in the The New Victoria Theater

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Charlie Lewis 4P. Woman in black play review. Plot - 9 Acting -8 Direction -8 Interpretation of script -7 Costume design -8 Lighting -8 Sound -9 Performance space -8 The play we went to watch was called 'The Woman In Black.' The playwright was by Stephen Mallatratt in the The New Victoria Theater and we watched this on the 1st February 2010 I thought that the play was very clever in which they directed the whole play. The play basically is this old man called Kipps who wants to tell people his story about this woman who lost her child and sister in a horse and trap accident in the marshes. The actor and Kipps swap roles, as Kipps dose not understand how to make his three-hour story interesting. ...read more.


What the actor thinks that this is the surprise Kipps has been talking about until Kipps explains that his surprise was that he learned his lines. The audience gained an understanding of the play with the help of reccouring motifs such as the sound of hooves getting caught up and the sound of the cracking of the wooden wheel breaking and the bloodcurdling scream. The whole of the plays meaning folds out gradually as he find the papers that explain how they died and they pack so much in to a minuite when realization just suddenly hits you. Kipps objective in the play is to explain his story and see if all these happenings will stop and she will leave everyone in peace. ...read more.


They both seemed to have a lot of focus and didn't panic if anything went wrong. The actor seemed very convincing and was very good at acting Kipps, and Kipps playing all the extra parts. The performance was enhanced by how little the amount of props they had to work with. The stage was also very interesting in the way that it sloped downwards and the horse and cart mixed with the scream was very powerful and really made a shiver run down your spine. All the colours were quite dull and dark which helped add to the sense of mystery and superstition of the following scenes. I think that the play was very good and used lots of drama mediums and elements to produce a good performance even if they used very little props and did not have a very big stage along with only three actors. ...read more.

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