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The structure of the play ( bloodbrothers

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Structure of the play Setting the scene At the start of the play , w see the end of the play , a flash back, although at this point we do not know its the end , all we see is 2 men dead on the floor and a very mysterious and creepy music can be heard , leaving the audience wondering what is going on. Then we learn of what is going on as the narrator recites a passage that we here a few times in the play "As like each other as two new pins, of one womb born on the self same day, how one was kept and one given away? An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain" this passage tells the audience what's happening and gives away the plot, but it doesn't ruin it for the audience as there is still information they do not know for example, how did they die? Why did they not know they were brothers? And lots more questions, causing them to be more indulged in the play. Complication The complication in the play is when Mrs. Johnstone is forced to give up one of her sons to Mrs. ...read more.


An did you never hear how the Johnston's died, never knowing that they shared one name till the day they died, when a mother cried, my own dear sons lie slain". The narrator The narrator in the play plays a very important character in the play, like most narrators he tell the story, but this narrator is slightly more mysterious and complicated than most. He is a ghost like figure; He seems to always be there, but is never seen by the characters, he is truly like a ghost , in some parts of the play he touches the characters they turn round to see who it was but they seem to see nothing although the audience see him there. I have said that the narrator plays a ghost like figure other interpretations of him would be an evil spirit or the devil, I wouldn't Say he was ever like a guardian angel though because all his references are to bad things in the play, he is never really around when happy and comical parts of the play E.G when there children are playing guns but is ever present when tension and anger is involved in the scene , also his song "The devils got your number" suggests he may be the devil or an evil spirit in connection with the devil. ...read more.


Both Mickey and Eddies dreams and ambitions also cause destruction there dreams to be like the other seems to cause jealousy which eventually causes Mickey to shoot Eddie, Eddie's dreams of university separates the 3 friends leaving Mickey to fend for himself and make the wrong choices. So to sum up every ones dreams and ambitions seem to come true in the play but they all seem to backfire on the characters. Toy guns Toy guns is an issue covered in the play which causes many problems, when the characters are kids they play with toy guns as said in the song they can get up after a count to ten , they cant die when they play with toy guns they don't understand the dangers of guns , this lack of understanding is carried out into there adulthood and it results in Mickey being put in prison when Sammie pulls the trigger and shoots someone , but still Mickey does not learn his lesson, in the final scene when Mickey holds the gun to Eddie I don't think he means to shoot him , I think he is using it to scare Edward and due to his naivety when he shoots Eddie he kills him , he kills his own brother and best friend. He has never grown up, he is still a kid inside, but the weapon he holds has. ...read more.

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