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The Sun and The Moon script.

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Winnie-(Moon) Kson-(Sun) Noel-( Pluto???) Zelly- (Earth) W: Hi, Sun! Good morning, do u have a wonderful dream last night? Haha... K: Of course! And now it is a sunny day again! Can u see? Those human being are swimming and they feel so good in the earth. W: Oh! Really? But don't u see when they are sleeping, how comfortable they are! K: But I don't think so. Every time when they play, the Earth is so happy and the human being will so enjoy. Do u know why? It is because of my power! Haha... W: WHAT? Your power? ...read more.


Sunshine. K: NO! Night! W: NO WAY! Sunshine. K: NO! NO! NO! Z: Can u all just shut up? Sometime it is a sunny day, and sometimes it is at night. U all make my world becomes crazy!!! W: Sunshine... K: Night... Z: Please...can someone helps me?! Call them go away!!! N: What happen, Earth? Are you okay? Z: Not really...The sun and the moon are arguing! And they almost make my world crazy! N: Really? It seems terrible. Let me help you! ...read more.


N: Actually, u all are the best! The Earth need all of you! W: Really? But we two can't stay together! How can the Earth need us? N: Oh...Ermm... I know! The sun can stay in the morning, then you can give the sunshine to the Earth. K: So, how about me? N: ...You can stay at night, and the Sun takes a rest. W+K: That's good! W: So.. u belong to the morning, Sun. K: And u belong to the night time, Moon. N: So every time, when it is morning, u can see the Sun; and when it is at night, u can see the Moon. Z: And now I live happily forever! <<<THE END>>> ...read more.

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