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The theme set for this project is 'Growth and 'Decay'.

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Essay The theme set for this project is 'Growth and 'Decay'. When I think of this theme it associates the idea of life and changes, it reminds me of how things changes in life as we grow older or as the time passes by. At the beginning of this investigation I carried out a series of photography based on the observation of life. But first, I planned my ideas by looking at things that would make my work more interesting to capture and to view, also I planned suitable locations for my ideas. My first idea was to observe people on street, which is something I previously have experience, so I thought it wouldn't be the ideal to continue working in a same style. So I choose to observe people from one fix location rather then walking around with the camera. I set the camera angle at eye level and also changing the camera angle to take picture of this around rather then from one fix angle also its gives an impression of me observing the events. ...read more.


He is also a philosopher and he uses philosophy of life to reflect his ideas. His photographs are often put together in a set series of six images. He believes that photographer must help the viewer feel what the photographs says by adding text, icon or anything that bring the audience closer to the actual experience. One of his set series of images that really inspired me is 'meeting'. It's a set of six images of two gentlemen walking passed each other and both stopping at one point and turns back to look at the other is unaware of his action. The idea is based on journey made by this two people and how they probably met. The works also associates the 'past' of how someone is looking back or even can be looking forward at possible future, but as the title 'meeting' suggests he is looking back to the past. ...read more.


Additionally I was also influenced by one of Duane Michals philosophical thought of life where he said 'life is short' which is another idea I found interesting and challenging and I thought I could base my project on. My project is based on one particular life, which I choose to focus on. I think idea of having focusing on one particular life creates much stronger impact as I discovered during my research when I was looking at one of the series of Michals work ' I remembered the argument'. My idea is to show how life is short and how things changed. Also showing the possible view of future and how things may change in coming years. In addition I produced a series of photographs showing the past and possible future of the person. I use frame short techniques by applying my technical understanding of photography and the knowledge of using software Photoshop to create an excellent presentation of the work produce. Paresh A2 Photography ...read more.

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