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The turn of the screw is a novel written by Henry James.

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The Turn Of The Screw The turn of the screw is a novel written by Henry James, where a man tells us a story where ghosts appear to a young woman, she tries to avoid them but in the end she ends up killing a little boy. Henry James was born in New York in 1843; he also lived in many cities across Europe. He got his idea for the turn of the screw when he had a conversation with the Archbishop of Canterbury who loved ghost stories. He became a British citizen in 1915 and died a year later in 1916. In this essay I am going to write about how mystery and suspense is created at the start, and throughout the story. The Prologue starts of the story in where a group of people are gathered around the fire on Christmas Eve telling each other ghost stories. A man named Douglas has a story and describes it as being beyond everything. ...read more.


On the first night she hears wired noises she thinks she can hear a child crying and footsteps at her door. I know this because it says in the text "I believed I recognised, faint and far the cry of a child". This creates suspense because she doesn't know whether there is someone behind the door or if it is her imagination. The Governess tells the story in the first person narrative this means that she is telling the story in her own view. We know this straight away when it says on page 24 "I remember as a thoroughly pleasant impression the broad clear front". I think the story would be different if it was told by some else because if Mrs Grose was telling the story she might include things like the journey when she took Flora to London and when she got back she found Miles dead. The first person has a huge affect on the story because it is the person who we usually believe. ...read more.


She is also very loyal to the children, when the Governess says they are evil, Mrs Grose tries to defend them I know this because she says in the text "It all lies in a half a dozen words". In my opinion of the story of this novel I think that the story is full of mystery and suspense. It made me want to read on after every page. I do believe the Governess when she talks about the ghosts because she gives descriptions of them and Mrs Grose knows who they are. I think that when Flora finds out that Miles is dead she would be really upset and would go mad at the Governess I think this because she was very close to Miles. In conclusion I have found out that the Governess does not tell the uncle about the ghosts because she doesn't want to break her promise. Also Mrs Grose is a very important person because without her we would not know who the ghosts were. All in all I have found the story to be full of mystery and suspense especially where the ghost appeared for the first time on the roof. ...read more.

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