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The Vanished Fiancée

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The Vanished Fianc�e-coursework We have been working on a poem by John Thompson called 'The Vanished Fianc�e' about a bride who disappears on her wedding day. In the poem issues raised were friendship, dishonesty and feelings of loneliness and being heartbroken/stood up. At the end of the module we devised a five minute play about 'The Vanished Fianc�e'. My role was of the groom and in the non-naturalistic scene-monologue, I showed how excited one could be before their wedding day. Nervousness can portray this very well as it worked for me while getting ready for the stag night the day before. Robin's role was of a friend to the groom who made a scene at the bar making the play a slight comedy, and to be thoughts for other characters. ...read more.


We were specially advised to use non-naturalistic scenes in the play and nearly each and every one was non-naturalistic because the show the story as a whole in quick snappy bits and does not bore the audience. -we started with a photo of the wedding day that should have happened, then the bride left and we showed how upset everyone was-still in the picture. -when the mother went to tell her daughter that she had to get married, spoken thoughts were said to show what they really felt but said differently. -tangled emotion-we showed this when the bride called her boyfriend and Robin and Sophie moved around them swiftly while I stood behind and above waving my arms from side to side to show time going by. ...read more.


One of the problems we faced was how to use the stage space well. We came to the conclusion of using height and depth which showed importance and what needed attention by the audience while we were performing. A group I think did well was of Gorky, Mandy, Curtis, Samira and Katrina. Some of the issues they showed were drugs, alcohol and the sense of worry. I thought it worked well because their use of flash back was interesting because they used Samira as the girl at present and Katrina as the girl in the past. From this module I learnt that discovering feelings is hard. We use drama techniques all the time but doing a nearly non-naturalistic play is very effective in showing performances that need a lot of emotion and feelings. ?? ?? ?? ?? Sachin Patel 10Y 04/03/01 ...read more.

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