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The wolf game

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During this exercise, I felt many different emotions. As I had been blindfolded, I felt very limited and more vulnerable as I was unable to see anything At the start of the exercise, I was very reliant on my two friends that I was holding onto. I was extremely afraid of everything around me. The screaming and commotion that I could only hear around myself added to the fearful atmosphere. My body became tense and rigid as I held onto my friends. When it was time to change, I had suddenly been left alone and I knew that my priority was to find someone else to protect my soul. My heart raced and I immediately began to scuttle aimlessly around the room. When someone grabbed hold of me I felt much safer. My hands gripped tightly to their clothing, as I did not want to let go. It was then I realised that it did not matter whom I was with, as long as I was with another person, and not alone. ...read more.


I was completely exposed to being destroyed. Due to my panic, I was not able to focus properly. Consequently, I dropped my soul (the balloon). Straight away I started to wave my arms frantically in the air, trying to find it. I was screaming "my soul, my soul" I was becoming hysterical. I was so caught up in the moment of panic that I did not realise that the balloon would have obviously fallen on the floor. My feet seemed fixed to the ground so I twisted my body around, feeling my the strain on my muscles. It felt as though the earth was swallowing me up. The hairs on my body stood on end. I had never imagined myself being so frightened in my entire life. I heard the burst of my balloon and gave my final scream. It was a long, high pitch shriek; I could feel the tension in my face. ...read more.


The purpose of the wolf game was to see how people reacted and felt when they are overpowered by immense fear. In the exercise, the wolf represented the Nazis and the Students represented the Jews. This exercise relates to the holocaust as both the Jewish people and blindfolded students felt this fear as well as feeling powerless. The Jews were defenceless against the Nazis as they had all the military authority. They were also kept ignorant, and did not know where they were going. This is similar to the blindfolded students, as they too did could not see where they were going either, and therefore there was a huge sense of desperation. They both were very wary of whom to trust. The Jewish people could not trust many people as they could very quickly go against them, and as a result they would die. The blindfolded people found it very difficult to trust people for the same reason. ...read more.

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