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There are many qualities needed in the public services some of which are; personal presentation, punctuality, time management, reliability, attendance, composure, attitude, personality and performance.

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Assignment There are many qualities needed in the public services some of which are; personal presentation, punctuality, time management, reliability, attendance, composure, attitude, personality and performance. Here are what these qualities mean and why they are so important in the public service. Personal Presentation- Personal presentation is when people take pride in there presentation and make sure that they are looking good and presentable. Personal presentation includes things like * Being clean shaven * Ensuring you do not smell * Ensuring you have levels of hygiene * Making sure your uniform is clean and well ironed * Making sure your shoes are clean and well polished All of these will ensure that you are well presentable. This is important in the police service because if you are an officer walking the streets then people want to be able to look at you and feel that you are approachable. This is only possible if you are well presented. If you are looking scruffy with your shirt unbuttoned at the top and no tie and muddy shoes then members of the public will feel that they can't approach you and they will feel that even if they do approach you, you won't do your job properly anyway because of how you look. ...read more.


Attitude- Attitude is all about the way in which you look at things. If you look at things with a positive attitude then you will more than likely be able to complete it and do it effectively. If things are looked with a negative attitude then you will find that you don't enjoy what you are doing and will find yourself having problems with the task. Police officers need to look at things with a positive attitude as I feel that attitude affects all of the other qualities. If you have a bad attitude then personal presentation is affected your punctuality, attendance, time management, reliability and your composure are all affected. Police officers need to have a positive attitude to make sure that they deal with all calls correctly and are always associating with the public in an appropriate manor. Personality- Personality is very much affected by attitude. If a person has a very positive attitude then you will find that person very much wants to be at work and do well. This is all about personality. Personality is also about how people deal with other people and how they deal with being put in certain situations. ...read more.


Consultative- 1. Giving advice; "an advisory memorandum", "his function was purely consultative" (www.dictionary.com) This is very similar to dictatorial. Consultative is where two people can discuss a topic. If in the ambulance there is a patient that needs medical attention, the crew might have to discuss what options would be best for the patient. This has to be done extremely quickly as the patient could be near to death. At the end of the discussion the crew member that has taken the lead role with the patient has overall say but can still get a second opinion. This is consultative authority. Participative- 1. To take part in something: participated in the festivities. 2. To share in something: If only I could participate in your good fortune (www.dictionary.com) This is where the person, who has taken the lead role, takes part in what is happening. In the police force in a riot, the person who has the lead role i.e. the sergeant has to participate in helping to clear the riot. The sergeant cannot give orders to the officers who are already attempting to clear the crowds if he himself is not already in the crowd as the sergeant won't a clear view of what is happening and in that sort of situation there is a very high chance of communication error. This is participative authority. ...read more.

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