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To analyse the character of Judd in the play ‘Bouncers’ by John Godber.

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Bouncers (1990's Remix) To analyse the character of Judd in the play 'Bouncers' by John Godber. In this analysis I will be focusing on the character of Judd in John Godber's play 'Bouncers.' Bouncers was first presented by Hull Truck Theatre Company at the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe on 11th august, 1984. The production was nominated for 'comedy of the year' 1985 Olivier Awards. The remix version of Bouncers was first performed in 1991, for Hull Truck. In U.S.A, Bouncers won seven Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle Awards and five Joseph Jefferson Awards in Chicago. ...read more.


He winds up Eric by mentioning Eric's wife. This is because Eric's wife has left Eric and has a reputation of sleeping around, and Judd always mentions it to Eric. He also tries to start fights with Eric because he thinks he is stronger than Eric is. Elaine is about twenty-one, and is on a 21st birthday bash with her friends. She has no job and is on the dole. Also she is nasty to other people and she is not very sympathetic to others. Terry is about nineteen, and on a pub-crawl with his mates, hoping to pick up a girl. ...read more.


and then Judd repeats what he said. Then Eric says, 'What is?' So Judd replies saying, 'Three-hundred and fifty-four pounds.' Then Eric replies a bit confused, 'Right.' So then Judd says sarcastically, 'I could bench that.' My favourite part that Terry is in, is the scene where they are in the taxi queue and he is depressed because he spent thirty-five pounds and had not got any action. While everybody is talking he keeps going on about this thirty-five pound. My favourite part with Elaine in, is the scene where all the girls are in the club and she is after Baz (Les) and he is trying to get away but Elaine will not let him go. ...read more.

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