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Two. When I first read Two by Jim Cartwright, I didnt understand it, but as weve been looking deeper in to it, I now understand his style, and I think its very clever.

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Review- 'Two' by Jim Cartwright. When I first read 'Two' by Jim Cartwright, I didn't understand it, but as we've been looking deeper in to it, I now understand his style, and I think it's very clever. He writes in such a way that it makes you think deeper, in ways the relationship's between the couples is quite authentic. I really liked it because I found the script very amusing and interesting, and it kept my attention. I found it highly amusing when Mr Fred & Alice started talking about what happened to be on TV. Fred: "Let's remember him, let's give him a name" Alice: "Fat Fat Palomino!" ...read more.


It kept me gripped, and wanting to read on. They were definitely a rare combination, as the personalities did not match at all. Furthermore, If I was to play a character, I would chose Roy, because although he comes across as really aggressive, I like how he is outgoing, and not afraid to speak his mind. He seems a really controlling character, but its interesting because it makes you think has he always been like that, or did something happen to him to make him so self conscious and protective. In the contrast, I didn't really enjoy reading into Moth & Maudie, because in my opinion they seemed too common, and in ways it made me think too much about reality, and the youth's relationships. ...read more.


Originally the script was written for two actors, who would play all fourteen characters. During the course of the evening assorted customers pass through the pub, including a little boy that happened to be left behind by his father this leads to an event which triggers movement towards a tragic memory between the pub couple, and through out that, their own dark tragedy is revealed, and this happens to be the root to their arguments. With relationships it explores; Faithfulness; Domestic Violence; Old Age; and Death. The underlying message seems to be that trust is the key to all sucesful relationships. All the couples except Fred & Alice have relationship problems, causing them to argue continuously. E.g. Maud can't keep his eyes on one woman, and Maudie is forced to put up with his selfish, greedy behaviour. ...read more.

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