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Types of Production.

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Year 10 Business Studies Coursework Task 1 - Types of Production Primary - This is the sector that involves the harvest of raw materials For example in the chocolate industry, this is the stage where sugar and coco beans are collected Secondary - This is the sector that involves manufacturing of chocolate products For example in the chocolate industry, this is the stage where the coco beans are crushed and sugar is added Tertiary - This is the sector that involves the sale of the finished chocolates For example in the chocolate industry, this is the stage where the products are sold Here is a diagram to illustrate the stages in the chain of production Task 2 ...read more.


dairy milk and then a batch of caramel or crunchie Flow Production - This type production involves making a product from start to finish For example a chocolate manufacturer such as Cadburys may use this type of production in the following way, to make a special edition chocolate. Here is an evaluation of these types of production methods by looking at two advantages & two disadvantages for Chocoholics. JOB PRODUCTION BATCH PRODUCTION FLOW PRODUCTION Advantages * High quality * Well motivated workers * Fast * Low cost per unit * Not much time is lost * Disadvantages * Needs skilled workers * High wage * Machinery may need to be cleaned or reset which takes time and costs money. ...read more.


has the potential for radically improving the quality of life, as can be demonstrated from both an historical perspective and numerous present-day examples. The progressive elimination of many of the boring, repetitive, unsafe and demeaning work practices on the farm and in the factory fall into the first category; modern developments in surgery, road building, health care and fruit-harvesting in the second. Here is an evaluation of the benefits and consequences of introducing automation for chocoholics BENEFITS for Chocoholics CONSEQUENCES for Chocoholics * There is an increase in output * Increase in labour productivity * If there is break down the whole production line will stop * * Increase in quality * Greater variety * * Damon crumpton ...read more.

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