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Unit 1 - Drama Exploration of the theme Peer Pressure - Documentary Response

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´╗┐Unit 1 - Drama Exploration of the theme ?Peer Pressure? - Documentary Response To present the theme of Peer Pressure, I?ve used the stimuli of the 1953?s Case of Derek Bentley. He was a 19-year-old with a mentality of a 11-year-old, due to the bad injury he experienced during the Blitz in WWII. This lack of mentality gives him the innocence of a child with the physical features of a man. He was unable to think as an adult and often gets aid from his sister to go through his daily life. Due to his parent?s very strong will for him to go out and explore the outside world, Derek often kept himself in and sat around in his room, smoke and read comics, isolating himself from the outside world because he was afraid of it, showing the amount of stress he receives from his parents and peer pressure in such ways. When Derek met Chris Craig, this is when the true form of peer pressure truly emerge. Derek was introduced to Chris? gang and was forcefully pushed to take his first cigarette and to change his appearance to gangster-styled clothing, a trend that was very popular of that time. This strongly depicts how Derek was frail, afraid and helpless, he only did this to fulfil his father?s wants of him to get along with children of his age, even though this crowd would be the type his father disagrees in. His lack of knowledge allows him to do things he thought it would be ?cool? and to be accepted in the group because his ?friends? told him to, a clear representation of peer pressure. ...read more.


I worked together with my assigned partners, Iman as Chris and Amber as the Cop. We had a discussion of how to show the themes effectively for few minutes, without practising the actual scene to be performed later on. After we did so, we were called to the front of the class and preformed. For this workshop, we used Role Play and Characterisation as our Drama Strategy, because we got into different characters to make the performance happen. Space and Levels were used to portray the moments when Chris and Derek were hiding from the Cop, where they ducked down and crawled through the imaginary shelves, using the space available from the whole classroom. Movement and Gesture was used to depict the nervousness of Derek, from his chattering teeth and shaky legs while Chris pushed him to steal the ?gun? from Chris? pockets. Voice and Spoken Language functions as the media for Derek to express his anxiousness, where he stammered on every word, afraid that he will be doing the wrong action and being left by Chris because of it. The Climax of the performance would be when the Cop entered the shop and looked for Chris and Derek, which is a Contrast of the previous parts of the performance, where the boys just sneaked in the shop to avoid the Cop. Symbol made by the hands of the Cop, forming a gun was used to enchant the climax, where things got more intense. ...read more.


In my opinion, some things can be altered as a group to improve the workshop. For example, I felt that many of the participants lack in connection of one to another, and how they can relate more to each other. In order to fix this, thought tracking should be included to convey the personal opinion of each participant about their actions and how it would affect them. This can also help the rest of the participants to understand more of the character they are interacting with to create a more enthusiastic feel to the workshop. I would put a thought track in the moment where Salman, a Good Cop, bangs the table infront of Siwar, one of the Chris?, to show what he really wanted her to understand through his action. His intention was to bring a sense of peer pressure without any rage (since he was acting as the Good Cop, not a Bad one) to her so that she would open up more answers to the interrogation, but the mesage Siwar preceived was that Salman was furious towards her and by banging the table, she felt threathened. The result of this was that it did not bring any benefit for either parties, where Siwar felt even more unsafe and unstable by refusing to answer any questions and Salman was not able to obtain any information he nede from Siwar, although peer pressure was used and it was suppose to be a successful technique to mentally torment someone to do things they did not intend to do. Alodie Prihutama 11B ...read more.

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