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Video dating monologue

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Monologue (walks on stage and sits down).Hi, well I'm Patricia Pacific (Surgs shoulders) but everyone calls me Pat. I currently live in London.Im about (Facial expression shows im thinking) 5 ft 4 and have blue eyes,blonde hair,what am I saying (laughs) you can see all of this.Im looking for a man whos ready to commit(looks down at feet) I've been in a few relationships before,but you know,things happen,fights occur,then well its over.(Smiles nervously) But maybe this one will be different,finding someone that fits my personality,and maybe that person is you(Smiles in a flirty way) Well now me,well im currently unempollyed(pace of voice gets quicker) but I am looking for a job,its not that easy though.Well theres a few reasons why no one wants me,I left school at 16 with no GCSE's and a criminal ...read more.


(Facial expression becomes happy) Im better now(Facial expression becomes let down) but ill never truely beable to drop the past.I reget it all so much,I could have been an olymic swimmer (facial expression and body language changes to proud) fastest in the school I was. Okay,next question(looks down at my prop) my hobbies and likes,well as you see I love my creature comforts,suggling up in a big warm blanket and woollies.I also like winter,I love the feel of the snow on my bear feet,makes me feel like an animal out in the wide open of the antartic.My favourite thing is fishing.I love the smell of the sea air against my face.I also love eating the fish after the trip,(Voice goes deep)oh I do love abit of place,Yum.Also I care for the environment (Nods slowly)all those poor animals losing there homes (facial expression looks sad,also wipes face). ...read more.


Look at me going on like this. Well more about the kinda man I want(Facial expression is thinking) Id like a man who can calm down my arguemetive nature,someone who can help me regain the years Ive lost,help me find a job.(Facial expression looks delited) Id also like someone who cares about the environment just as much as me.And well,Id also like someone whos on the larger side,like me.I may not be a super model,but I do think that if your willing to accept my bad habits,deep down theres a perfect lady just waiting to be realised,and maybe you'll be the guy to find her.(smiles and noods). (Looks confused and wait 5 second,and look around) Well if you think im the one for you then just click the link below,or call me on the number above,Thanks.(Walks off stage). ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Personal Performances section.

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