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SECTION A: VIOLENCE AND THE HUMAN CONDITION 1. In your opinion, what causes human beings to act violently? Cite evidence to support your position. Violence is evident in our daily lives and in literature. In the past it meant extreme, brutal or sadistic behavior. Today, it is used to describe any act thought to be aggressive or hostile or destructive to another person. Violence is a human condition and we tend to understand ourselves through violence. The various types of violence include physical violence, psychological violence and sexual violence. In my opinion, nobody is free of a darker side, but there are reasons why human act the way they do, their violence nature is accountable to some factors. Human beings have a physical nature, which demands for the satisfaction of their physical needs if they are to survive and propagate as a species while on earth, and they have a spiritual nature that demands that their spiritual needs be satisfied if they are to be at peace with themselves. Moreover, human beings also have a human nature, by which they strive to both survive and to achieve peace and fulfillment in their lives. In seeking these objectives human beings often fall short, and in the process brings much harm and suffering upon both themselves and others. They become destructive in their efforts, when their only intention to bring peace and harmony to themselves and to the world. ...read more.


Thus, serial killers keep killing over and over again the same type of person whom they unconsciously blame for their hurt feelings and hatred, but never succeed in ridding themselves of their anger; and men and women who have not resolved their hurt from bad relationships carry their anger and fears into new relationships, preventing them from being truly satisfying. It has been found that men who feel anger towards women rape because of their anger, rather than because of their sexual desires; and that physically, emotionally, or sexually abused children tend to perpetuate similar abuse on their own or other children, although we would think that a person who has been so damaged would not want to inflict their children thusly. A child who is spanked, hit or threatened with violence will have a tendency to become violence, and if the child is not allowed to release the emotion resulting from the pain and hurt, he or she will have unresolved and unexpressed feelings about what he had experienced. Being the victim of violence and other distressing experiences breeds violence in the child only when the emotions are blocked and repressed. When this situation occurs, violence toward self or others is almost an inevitable outcome. Persons having unresolved childhood needs often seek control and power over others as a means of dealing with their situation, which seldom help as it doesn't resolve the underlying issues. ...read more.


It might not be violent in their eyes but in the perspectives' of others, mercy killing might be considered a very cruel and merciless act. The use of either legal or illegal drugs can affect the production and transmission of impulses that control the functioning of the systems of the brain used to restrict behavior, and can affect the perceptions and feelings experienced by a person, which may lead to inappropriate behavior. A person may take drugs not only to escape physical pain or to feel pleasure, but also to escape the negative feelings the person has about himself or herself, or about life in general. When a person persists in the taking of drugs to the extent that the person becomes dependent on them, that is, addicted, it is extremely difficult to "just say no" to using the substance, since several factors are involved tending to perpetuate its continued use. Once addicted, regardless of the reason, a person has little control over his or her behavior. Punishment, therefore, does not work as a deterrent to a person who has a serious chemical dependency problem. There are a multitude of social factors involved as to why individuals take drugs, and drug abuse has become a major social problem and a prime factor in the commission of other criminal acts. In conclusion, human beings act violently because of their spiritual nature, physical nature and human nature, as have been discussed in the above answers. ...read more.

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