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War Booklet

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The war booklet write up Lesson 1: Dulce et decorum est What did you learn about the life in the trenches from the poem? How did it make you feel? The poem gave you a detailed description of the life in the trenches. This is not the really the kind of thing people want to read about but it is realistic and shows what really happened. When I heard the poem not only did it make me think about the circumstances but it also made me imagine what life was like for those participating in the war. What I find really disturbing was the way the poem was written and the detail given from those in the trenches. Even though in the poem it describes what is happening and how horrific the events are which are taking place, it still ends with the saying "Dulce Et Decorum Est" which was particularly suprising. ...read more.


Then from left to right salute towards the audience and stamp our feet in order to the last line in the poem. All the stage directions: ? I stand at the front on watch of any people coming towards us. ? Fadumo and Lisa Standing opposite each other downstage left and right ? All run to upstage centre. ? All crowd around Christine centre stage ? One by one all walk to downstage centre Lesson 2: Activity: Diary entry (Homework) Props used: A passport photo of herself and her husband Alex Thursday 5th September 1946 I am not very sure how I am going to begin, I have so many things to write. It is as if I am about to write all my feelings on this one piece if paper which this peace of carved wood that I am dipping into the ink. ...read more.


People keep telling me it is very unfortunate that I lost Alex but I strongly disagree it is not unfortunate it is very unnecessary. If it wasn't for this "wonderful country" and the people in power I would never have been in the position I am in now. Now not only am I a widow but I am a single person family. I understand I am not the only one because there are hundred of women in the same position as me, but doesn't mean that I'm not one of them because I am. War is a undiscribable evil that we shouldn't be participating in. It is unnatural to just go around killing people for power and money. Peoples blood and families can tell you this as they are the ones suffering most, they are paying for the leaders greed. I must leave it as that, if anyone was to find out I had written such things I would be in unexplainable trouble. Yours Lovingly Catherine Lesson 3: ...read more.

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