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Warhorse and Mugged

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Comparing and Contrasting 'Mugged' and 'Warhorse.' The practical work I will discuss was for Option Two: 'Acting'. We performed a play called 'Mugged', by Andrew Pane and also went to see 'Warhorse', by Michael Morpurgo at the National Theatre. 'Mugged' is about a group of teenagers who face the same dilemma each day: taking a shortcut to school, but having to face a gang of muggers. Eventually one of the kids is stabbed to death for trying to retrieve a friend's mobile phone. On the other hand, Warhorse is about a horse (Joey), who's very dear to young Albert, at the outbreak of World War One, and is sold to the cavalry and therefore shipped to France. ...read more.


The play 'Mugged' portrays the growing knife culture between youngsters and explores the fear of the public. The play starts off with the victim's perspective and then onwards switches to the victim's friend's perspective to give a voice for victims and their friends. 'Mugged' explores the fact of the public being afraid to speak as they are frightened of retribution; the gawpers from the play were prepared to judge youths, but not interested in helping as they were too afraid. The media play an important role in this play because they represent the media of today; twisting the truth solemnly based on the fact that Marky had a knife and that he lived in a block of flats. ...read more.


Similarly, in 'Warhorse' the Colonel is lifted up into the air- creating a whole different level for effect. 'Warhorse' uses different tones of lighting, military sound effects (bombs, guns etc) and a projection screen in order to create a tense or relaxed atmosphere. 'Mugged' on the other hand, includes none of these and is simply up to the actors to create a tense or relaxed mood. It could have been better if sound was used at the time of Marky's funeral or to introduce the news for effect though. Audiences acknowledge that the setting has changed in 'Mugged' through the dialogue used, whilst in 'Warhorse' sound effects, lighting and projection take the responsibility of this. In conclusion, 'Warhorse' and 'Mugged' have more differences than similarities, I'd say mainly because of their time differences. ...read more.

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