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Water. Water A company called Filter has produced an eye-catching performance at the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre which successfully covered the issue of climate change, whilst also tackling the aspects of human relationships.

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'Water' A company called 'Filter' has produced an eye-catching performance at the Hammersmith Lyric Theatre which successfully covered the issue of climate change, whilst also tackling the aspects of human relationships. The performance revolves around the theme of whether or not human beings can connect to each other. The production spans across two decades, two generations of family and two continents. The opening scene is set in 1981 and we see and English lecturer delivering a speech about the dangers of global warming and the rising sea levels. Then, in the present day we meet his son, Graham, who is a total contrast of the character of his father, who seems to be open minded, wants to connect with people and is outgoing. Whereas Graham is self- centred, drawn in and doesn't seem to communicate with people. Graham is invited by his half brother to attend the funeral of his father, where he finds out that his father abandoned his English family to make a new life. A second story runs with this narrative about a British government negotiator, named Claire, who is struggling to enforce the views of British government on the American government regarding the issues of carbon emissions. ...read more.


For the character of Claire, however the political-personal battle is of a different nature. Her life evolved around working for the government on the issue of climate change which has gradually taken over her life with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend tries to get her to take a break from her political life and go to Mexico with him so he could break the world record of deep water cave diving. She refuses, however he still tries to change her mind which causes him to miss his chance as someone else claims the world record of diving at 1000 feet. Claire breaks up with him as a result of her political commitment. He however attempts to break the record again of diving even more than the current record. This results in him dying in the attempt. Once Claire realises of his death this brings enormous amounts of guilt on her as she never told him she was pregnant, and in a way feels responsible of his death by not going to Mexico when he first asked her to. ...read more.


The other two actors help out during this scene, and at first it doesn't seem as if you were there to watch a play with a storyline, but to listen about the issues of climate change. This is how the main theme/big issue that is raised and to follow is the two parallel plotlines. The whole performance is very visual, using different technologies to create different effects, even using different parts of their own bodies to create sounds, such as water dripping where one actor first used a glass by tapping it to create the sound, then continued the same effect but began using their arm to create a different dripping water effect. This happens again to create a deep cave diving effect as if we are actually watching and listening to the man doing it to using a simple microphone to create an ultrasound scene to bouncing a tennis ball to create the illusion that two people are playing squash against a wall. The visual elements of the performance and the immediate story telling is what made this show an overall success, whilst also including a major issue that needs to be campaigned even around the world. ...read more.

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