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We were given the play Mrs Warrens Profession. For our choice of scene we chose scene four, the last act because the scene contains the right amount of characters for our group of four. Also the ending scene is the climax of the entire play and

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Process Journal For our set text we were given the play Mrs Warrens Profession. For our choice of scene we chose scene four, the last act because the scene contains the right amount of characters for our group of four. Also the ending scene is the climax of the entire play and is full of action, we felt that the last scene was complete with comedy and romance, tension and emotion and our group felt that this scene would hold the audiences attention well. In staging the set text scene we needed to show the office environment, so we used two tables and a few chairs as in the stage instructions, and we used props such as books and papers, and a pen in an ink holder to show the time that the play was set. We were only allowed five lighting changes in total, so our group decided to keep the lighting the same to allow for more in our devised scene. The warm, yellow light suited the topics being discussed at the beginning of the scene, going to Italy and beauty and romance, but if we had unlimited changes I would have had the lighting slowly change to a harsher ...read more.


react and build the right atmosphere, Doing this really helped me interact with the others in my group and it also helped with stage directions, needing to change heights and distance from each other and the audience in order to increase the mood that the action gave. We often worked in two separate groups in order to save time and each of us focused on our parts, Helen and I practised our duologue on our own a lot as it was the most emotional part of the scene and we needed to catch the audiences attention, but we found that not working as a whole group created problems because we didn't have everyone's opinion to help, and also we were not confident in knowing each others work, we started to work as an entire group, commenting and helping each other. This was much better, also it gave us definite knowledge of what the staging looked like, and we could edit some of our moves and spaces. We worked well together and quickly, Process Journal As a group we first found it difficult to find a way that we were happy with, the main problem was the staging, because it was set in an ...read more.


In contrast to this in our devised scene Helen played Dianne, who was selfless and compassionate and devoted her time to others. We wanted to create a scene that had a relationship to Mrs Warrens profession but that was not based around her job but the morals shown through the play. Our group talked about the effect that the secrets had on the relationship between all the characters, especially Mrs Warren and Vivie. We decided to show the lives of three people that were interlinked; Mother Sandra, son James and teacher Dianne and use a psychiatrist to show their secrets to the audience and how they hindered their relationship just as in our set text. When our group first worked on a short piece of our first idea for our devised piece we played around with the idea of having a stylised set. In every scene the set would stay the same; three tables with chairs behind them in a row, one for each character. It looked good and gave variation from the set of mrs warrens profession and it was practical too. Later on we decided to use black wooden blocks because they looked better than chairs and also we could hide any props that weren't being used behind them. Process Journal ?? ?? ?? ?? Nikki Moat Drama ...read more.

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