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Wes Hayden is essentially a weak man. Is this how you view him?

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Wes Hayden is essentially a weak man. Is this how you view him? In the novel Montana 1948 we learn of a character named Wes. Throughout the story we are given detailed information about Wes' personality. Wes is neither a strong nor weak man. As many people, he has certain aspects of his character that portray weakness, and other aspects that portray strength. There are not many people if any that could be described as either strong in every aspect, or weak in every aspect. After all each individual is different and it is impossible to label a person as just typically weak or typically strong. Modesty to the extreme in which Wes displayed throughout the novel can be a sign of weakness; it is a general perception that a person in charge of maintaining the law would be a very confident person with a very high sense of right and wrong. ...read more.


It would never have occurred to Wes to refuse. Throughout the novel we see on many occasions Julian's impact on Wes' life, the most obvious ones being Sheriff and Wes not wanting Julian to find out about the allegations made against Frank because then he would have to face his father and explain why he was investigating his own brother. Such a lack of confidence especially when it came to dealing with family members could definitely portray Wes to be a weak man. The modest and "self-effacing way" in which Wes acts during the novel could also be interpreted as a strength. It could be interpreted as Wes didn't not need to parade him self around town and gather the attention of the townspeople to be comfortable with himself and his profession. ...read more.


duty to keep up the reputation his father has strived to build within the community and keep the badge in the Hayden name. Loyalty is a very good characteristic to have and it also can portray strength. It is impossible to label someone as just typically weak or just typically strong. It all depends on the way individuals interpret certain situations or characteristics. Wes' character could be seen in many different lights it is just simply a matter of the way each individual wishes to interpret the matter. Nobody can categorize a person into either of the two groups for certain other than the person themselves, nobody knows how another persons mind works and therefore can only assume and interpret what they have seen or heard and interpretation always leaves the space open for another's opinion. ...read more.

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