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What are the different between the two families depicted in “Flight” & your “shoes”

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What are the different between the two families depicted in "Flight" & your "shoes" The story Flight is about an old man trying to come to terms with his granddaughter growing up. It is form a collection of short stories. The scene is set and the mood of all the characters are established right at beginning of the story. The old man has some pigeons, which he keep as pets. "Flight" is based around the similarity between the way the old man looks after his pigeons, and how he would like his granddaughters to be controlled and trained the same way. The pigeons are symbols representing his granddaughters. We see, however, that the birds return home. Whether his granddaughters will is another matter. ...read more.


And we move to a final scene in which she is pathetic and sad, locked away from the husband she never loved, pretending love for her daughter and the pair of shoes which symbolises how she would like her daughter to be. "Flight" is all about growing up and leaving home to starting a new life. For the mother, in this story,"Flight this is a natural process, it seems, and she is happy to see her daughters fall in love and marry. The mother is crying,, however because of her father 's attitude her father has made all the girls so unhappy by wanting them to be like his birds. Or might it be that she somehow sees his point and is wishing that life could be as simple as he would like it to be - that she knows everything might be easier if we could simply return to the coop? ...read more.


When he releases his favourite bird (which we can link to Alice), all the other birds go too, because Alice was the one person he had left to love. If she goes, all his capacity to love goes. The man's life will be entirely different with the loss of all his granddaughters - it will be entirely different with the loss of all his birds. When he says farewell to one favourite, everything else crumbles for him too. Ending he is now aware, at least that he is how he perceives things. However after releasing the pigeon he turned slowly, taking his time; he lifted his eyes to smile proudly down the garden at his granddaughter. She was starting at him. She did not smile. She was wide-eyed, and pale in the cold shadow, and he saw the tears run shivering of her face. The daughter was still with him. ...read more.

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