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What is the most and least trustworthy source of knowledge?

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Delaney Holbrook-Burke IB TOK/ DR 28 September 2003 Word Count: 651 What is the most and least trustworthy source of knowledge? Abel's book, Man Is The Measure, discusses nine different sources of knowledge. These are: sense perception, logic, intuition, self awareness, memory, authority, consensus gentium, revelation and faith. However not all of these sources of knowledge can be trusted, but some can. I plan to show that out of these nine different sources of knowledge intuition is the most trustworthy and self awareness is the least. Intuition is the most trustworthy source of knowledge. Abel defines intuition as the "knowledge of right and wrong [which] is often based on such inner convictions of certainty." ...read more.


However, with anything in life there is a downside. Intuition is what you hold as morally correct, but another person could believe that what their different intuition is correct. For example, person A believes that it is right to persecute anyone different from him while person B believes it is wrong to persecute any living being. The different intuitions between persons A and B could lead to conflict, and then who knows what. Even though intuition has its downfalls I still believe it is the most trustworthy source of knowledge. On the other hand, self-awareness is the least trustworthy knowledge. Self-awareness is ones own wishes, desires, feelings, thoughts, hopes, etc. It is based on what you alone can infer from your emotions and thoughts and so on. ...read more.


If person A was to say: "I think the world would be a better place if person B was dead," and then he goes and kills person B from his desire. Thus, self-awareness cannot be trusted as a reliable source of knowledge. Intuition and self-awareness are on two opposite ends of the source of knowledge "trustablity meter". Intuition is highly trustworthy because of two reasons. One, it is your source for what is right and what is wrong. Two, it is like a survival instinct; it will let you know when you are in danger, for example. Self-awareness cannot be trusted at all. It is too personalized into what you as an individual person wants, desires, hopes, etc. Even though it is appealing, it would be "shady" in its results. So, in the end, you cannot trust self-awareness as a source of knowledge, but you can trust your intuition. 1 ...read more.

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