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Who or what is to blame for the tragedy of ''Blood Brothers''.

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Who or what is to blame for the tragedy of ''Blood Brothers'' This essay discusses who or what is to blame for the tragedy. The tragedy of ''Blood Brothers'' was written by Will Russell In 1986. ''Blood Brothers'' is about twins separated at birth, later becoming Blood Brothers, only to find out the truth, which leads to the tragic end. As the play is a tragedy, it has certain conventions: it has an unhappy ending (involving death), there are often ironic twists, fate, superstition, the supernatural and omens all contribute to the story. As this play is a tragedy we know it will end in death, as this is the case of all tragedies. Another way the audience know that the story will end tragically is through the narrator. The narrator's role is to comment upon the story and show the audience how wrong and unnatural the events are in act 1 scene 1 the narrator says '' Did you ever hear tell of that young mother who stood and watched brother parted from brother,''. ...read more.


Don't tell me which one. Just take him''. This shows that Mrs Johnston does care about the twins because she doesn't want to know which one Mrs Lyons took. Mrs Johnston is to blame because if you love your child you would never give them up even for money. Willy Russell makes us think this because she is made a tragic figure. Mrs Lyons is middle class. Russell portrays her as being snobbish. A quote which shows her personality is '' They say... They say that if either twin learns he was one of a pair they shall both die immediately!''. This shows us she is manipulative by getting everything her way. She adopts Edward because she can't have any children. She wants him to be well educated. Problems start to arise when Edward meets Michael. A quote which shows how she feels about Michael is '' I've told you never to go where that boy lives''. ...read more.


A quote which shows their difference of opinions is: Edward: '' There are other jobs you could do here. Better jobs... It could be arranged '' Michael: '' Listen! This job stinks. Right stinks! But it's my job. I got this job... I wasn't given it! '' Linda is involved because she is married to Michael but went out with Edward so Michael got very angry. In the end both Michael and Edward were dead as Mrs Lyons shot them. Willy Russell shows us that Edward and Michael deaths could not have been avoided because it was fate and we know tragedies end in death. In conclusion, the tragedy occurs because Mrs Lyons tries to separated Edward and Michael. As they got older problems happen as she tries to break their relationship and this leads to the death of Edward and Michael. The moral of this story is blood is thicker then water. This is because Edward tried to save Michael but it only led to both of them dying. ...read more.

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