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Why is Drug abuse such a problem facing the I.O.C? Discuss.

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Nathan McLaughlin Yr.13 Why is Drug abuse such a problem facing the I.O.C? Discuss It all dates back to the ancient games in Greece however in more recent times we tend to think of the 1960's and 1970's when communist countries made their teams by law have to take performance enhancing drugs. When we are talking about the drugs that actually cause problems against the IOC, we are talking about drugs such as anabolic steroids, beta-blockers and others along the same lines not drugs such as nicotine or alcohol etc. One of the main reasons drug abuse causes a major problem is because of the amount of money spent on the pre-prepared tests that need to be carried out before any Olympic event can take place to stop those who try to cheat in Olympic competitions. ...read more.


These athletes have to live with the shame that they were executed of their Olympic titles. It seems that so many of these athletes take these medals and titles for granted. There is no sportsmanship in using these types of drug. Another major problem that faces the I.O.C is also that there are so many drugs on offer; The association are never going to catch every contestant using the drugs through testing, this is because as one drug is being discovered and banned another alternative will be in development, this will happen continuously with the same drug over and over again. The association are never going to be able to completely find out every contestant using performance-enhancing drugs even if they employ the best of scientists to come up with the tests. ...read more.


If we refer to one of the Olympic Moral Motto's it goes completely against why they do it, 'The most important thing is not the winning but the taking part'. A lot of controversy comes down to when the I.O.C are deciding what drugs are legal and what are illegal. For example there is much debate over whether or not blood doping should be legal or illegal, at the minute it's illegal according to the I.O.C., but is it a performance-enhancing drug? Is it not natural that the body produces more blood when it is in a loss of it? So I can conclude that the main reason drug abuse causes so many problems to the I.O.C is because so much money is wasted on the tests and procedures that are carried out to make the games as fair as possible. Essay Writing Nathan McLaughlin ...read more.

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