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Wizard of Oz Spoof

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The Royal Theatre's Production Of: The Wizard Of Oz! (Gone Wrong!) Parts: Dorothy - Kate Wizard- Harriet Scarecrow- Darryl Lion- Darun Tinman- Alex Witches: Matthew Stage Manager- Alex Munchkin 1- Alex Munchkin 2- Darryl Munchkin 3- Harriet Munchkin 4- Darun Munchkin 5: Alex Jenks Emerald City Guard: Alex Jenks Evil Witch Assistants: Alex Jenks, Harriet. (Stage Manager enters) Stage Manager: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am pleased to welcome you to the royal theatre tonight and this evening's performance of The Wizard Of Oz. So, sit back and enjoy yourselves (Exit) (Stage Empty bar Wicked Witch Of The East's feet poking out from behind the curtain.) WWE: Aaaah! My legs, not my legs! Ow it hurts! I'm too young to die! Aaaah! (She crawls out gasping) WWE: 'Gasp' I'm alive! I have so much to live for now! I'm going to go to university and... (One ruby red slipper is thrown stage and hits her in the head, knocking her out) (Dorothy enters dragging Toto behind her looking around) Dorothy: Wow! I don't think were in Kansas anymore Toto. ...read more.


Dorothy: Wow Toto look! It's a scarecrow! Scarecrow: Hello. Where are you going? Dorothy: I'm going to Emerald city to see the wizard of Oz! Scarecrow: Wow. Can I come? I need a.... um.... What is that thing again? Dorothy: A brain? Scarecrow: Hey! That's not very nice? I mean yes, a brain! Dorothy: Well come down and skip with me! Scarecrow: Ok! (he gets stuck) Little help! Dorothy: Huh? Scarecrow: I'm stuck! Dorothy: Oh! Crap! (she helps him down) Scarecrow: Thanks! Lets go! (Scene changes to Tinman standing there looking bored. Dorothy skips on with scarecrow) Dorothy: Look Scarecrow! It's a Tinman! Tinman: 'Alright?' Scarecrow: It's your cue.! They call me an idiot! Tinman: Oh right yeah. Muffle muffle... Dorothy: I think he needs oil! Tinman: muffle muffle, (no shit Sherlock) (Dorothy walks over to him and looks for oil) Dorothy: Where's the oil? Tinman: muffle muffle. (There...oh shit). (Deodorant can thrown on from offstage, hits tin man on head) Tinman: OW! (makes come on then sign) (Dorothy squirts deodorant) Tinman: Now I'm free! If only I had a heart to go with this. ...read more.


Lion: P...P...P...Please sir, I would courage, this scarecrow would like a brain... Scarecrow: Harsh... Lion: This tinman would like a heart and Dorothy just wants to go home. Wizard: No! Hwahaha (Dorothy throws Toto at him. He fall over and reveals he is not a wizard) Tinman: You're not a wizard at all! Wizard: You revealed my secret! I suppose I have to give you what you want now. Lion: Yes P...P...P...Please Wizard: Mr. Lion. You don't need courage, you just need to stick up for your self and think "I'm king of the jungle" Lion: "I'm king of the jungle" Grrr! Gee thanks Mr.Wizard Wizard: Mr. Tinman, you don't need a heart, you were being nice to Dorothy all this time, and all you really need is someone to love you. Tinman: Ok! Gee thanks Mr. Wizard! Wizard: And you Mr. Scarecrow, all you need is a book on maths, that should get you started on being smart! Scarecrow: Gee thanks Mr.Wizard! Dorothy: What about me Mr.Wizard? Dorothy: You Dorothy, just need to click your heels three times and say, "there's no place home" Dorothy: Here goes nothing, "there's no place home. there's no place home. there's no place like home" (Everyone goes off except for Dorothy) Dorothy: It worked! Finis! ...read more.

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