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women in black

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Women In Black In this essay I will be reviewing the 'Woman In Black' which is being performed at the Fortune Theatre, London. Before going to see the performance I wasn't really looking forward to it as after reading the beginning of the text I found it boring and dull. When we first pulled up outside the theatre I didn't find the building to be what I expected it to look like. From the outside the building looked newly designed but the interior told a different story. The theatre held a cold and eerie atmosphere, whilst talking to the staff we found out why. The Fortune Theatre was the most hunted theatre in London and had many stories held to its name. The most famous story told is that when the actor that plays the woman in black looked out into the audience the first night it was shown she saw a black salute at the back of the auditorium. It was said that the black figure looked like it was wearing a bonnet and a Victorian dress. Once finding out the history peoples view on watching the show had changed. The auditorium was small and was hard to see what was going on onstage if you were sitting in the first four rows as you had to keep looking up. ...read more.


This allowed the viewers to feel that they were going through a tunnel and was near the destination needed. Many special effects were used throughout the performance but the one effect that stood out the most for me was the use of the smoke machine. This made the atmosphere very tense as when smoke it normally used it means that something bad is going to happen. The smoke also made you believe that you were in actually with the actors in the fog of the marshes. Costume played a major part in the show as it allowed the audience to see that the actors had changed characters. The simplest costume was worn by the woman in black, it consisted of a black Victorian styled dress and a black bonnet which held mystery about the woman as you couldn't really see her face. Both Mr Kipps and Sam daily have many costume changes but they have the same suit on at all times and only the jacket and accessories are changed. As a result of this it allows the characters to change onstage, it is also an advantage as well as there are only two characters anyway. Some parts of the play become very confusing no one plays their character. ...read more.


The best bit of the play that most stood out for me was the destruction of the child's room. From the first time you see the room you instantly fall in love with it as it is the perfect room for a little child. Everything looks as if the play is finally going to have some sort of happy ending until we see the room again and everything as been turned up side down with only the small jewellery box playing. The most important visual moment for me was the last viewing of the Woman In Black. When Mr Kipps thanks Sam for all his work you feel that you are not going to see the woman again and this allows the audience to be caught off guard. In a result of this the finally image of the whole show is of the Woman In Black in a dim white light that only allows you to see a slight glimpse of her face. I think that the theatre show allows you to have a better understanding of the storyline instead of the book because in the show you are more involved and there is more of an atmosphere. Whereas in the book you start to become bored which means some people lose their concentration, another reason is that there isn't the same atmosphere that keeps the audience engaged. ...read more.

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