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"Write a review of the Long Overdue Theatre Company's production of 'Macbeth.' You should consider acting, costumes, lighting, stage sets and other stage effects."

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Gr�inne Canavan 5C Macbeth Coursework "Write a review of the Long Overdue Theatre Company's production of 'Macbeth.' You should consider acting, costumes, lighting, stage sets and other stage effects." Macbeth was set in the eleventh century when Scotland was a violent and troubled country. Feuding families and clans fought to control trade and territory. The castle was the power base of each rival war lord. The "Long and Overdue Theatre Company" is a young nation touring company based in Andover set up in 1996 by Allen Watts and Eddie Nias. I am going to analyze their version of Macbeth and their portrayal of Shakespeare's famous play. Many of the actors delivered a strong and convincing role. The actor which played one of the most challenging roles as Macbeth carried it out successfully. He clearly delivered his lines and convincingly showed Macbeths development from a strong, courageous, brave warrior to the man over powered by evil. One characteristic, however of the actor who played Macbeth was his height. He was very short and he may be criticized for this as he is supposed to be a brave, strong warrior and his height doesn't make him seem to be that type of character at the beginning. ...read more.


Some of the most important scenes for Lady Macbeth like Act 1, Scene 5 when Lady Macbeth calls upon dark forces to make her pure evil to make Macbeth become King "...Come, you spirits that tend on moral thoughts, unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe top full of direst cruelty..." and the lead up to Act 5, Scene 1 when Lady Macbeth has mental health problems because of the acts Macbeth and her have done and kills herself "Out dammed spot! Out, I say!..." were not acted very well. It takes a very talented actress to take on the roll of Lady Macbeth and perhaps the director chose the wrong person for the part. The costumes were excellent, particularly those of the witches. I felt the witches were shown very well. There were 3 symbols representing the witches each time they were on stage, these worked very well as the audience knew the witches were coming every time the symbols appeared. The witches wore masks and had voices with special effects which were pre-recorded, they were scary and created a really ghostly and frightening atmosphere. ...read more.


At the beginning of the play two dragons appeared and started fighting, this represented the battle scene at the beginning of the play. I felt this was a good opening. It drew the audiences attention and the audience sat in anticipation wondering what was going to happen next. It was full of movement and colour which was exciting to watch. Many symbolic themes of Macbeth are applicable to all cultures. The music at the start of the play, during the battle scene was also very dramatic and this told us that something very dramatic was happening. If anyone wasn't sure what the dragons represented they could have guessed from the music throughout the play which also helped to bring about the creepy atmosphere. The battle scenes throughout the play I felt were done very well, they used the set well there was good sound and movement which built up a great excitement with the audience. Overall I feel the "Long overdue theatre company's" production of Macbeth was very enjoyable. There were aspects of it however which I would have changed like casting and acting direction. However, I really liked the way the play was portrayed. It was overall an enjoyable performance and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Macbeth. Gr�inne Canavan, 5C ...read more.

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