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Write about how the authors have made you aware of different experiences and feelings associated with growing up.

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Write about how the authors have made you aware of different experiences and feelings associated with growing up. All the three short stories, that I read in anthology all deals with the same ideology 'Growing up'. Here in all these stories the movement from childhood to adulthood is a significant change. The story 'Superman and Paula brown's new snow suit' is written by Sylvia Plath, the story is set in North America in the city of Boston during the Second World War. The story is about a Girl who was happy and lives in her own intense dream world. She is fascinated by flying and almost believes superman could teach her to fly. She plays superman games with her friend David. Her father has died and she idealises her Uncle Frank. Superman and Uncle Frank are bound together in her mind. Gradually, she becomes affected by the war. She is physically sick when she sees graphic pictures of the horrors of the prisoner of war camps. Superman can't save her from nightmares. She is at first powerless when accused by Paula Brown, then become isolated and a target. Everyone turn against her. She has been victim for the mistake which she has not done. Paula got slid while playing which was her own fault but she pointed the narrator and blames her for what she has not done. She is truly innocent on this matter. After this her usual comforts of home and uncle frank do not work, although she pretends she's fine. But In her ear and mind the sentence she got for nothing-''you did it, Yes you did it... ...read more.


The relationship between mother and daughter seems to have changed dramatically. The woman appears to think she knew her daughter deeply but in fact she doesn't know her at all. Sexual maturity plays a vital role in individuals' people life. In 'Superman and Paula Brown's new snow suit', it is the colour that helps to express the child's state of mind and maturity. At the beginning, everything seems to be fine and bright. But in the ending of the story we find that the colour getting to fade away and getting darker and duller. In the story 'Growing Up' and 'Superman and Paula Brown's new snow suit', we can see the most obvious way of growing up that is they become much more aware of the opposite sex. In the story of 'superman and Paula brown's new snow suit' two of the children Jimmy lane and Paula Brown's in time to time they noticed each other and it is clear that they liked each other and this was their first step of sexually maturity. In the story 'Growing Up' the two sisters are unaware that they are becoming sexually mature, they are beginning to practise although they are unknown about what they are doing. A father is the first person in the every women life who falls in love with. When the father gets hurt and wants to leave, the girls grave his attention by changing their way of act, they become nice and persuade him to stay with them and put the medicine in the wound too. This all shows the faster way of growing up. ...read more.


But to their father this silence is not a normal one, 'There was no answer. And he stopped, in surprise'. At the beginning he was feeling like something is strange today so at the end of the day and the end of the story he realises that they are now turning to adults. At first when he was been attacked by girls he was totally unknown what they were trying to show and do, he thinks are the mad who is attacking their own father. Then he somehow began to realise. I think that these girls do not know how to control their emotions, showing early signs of growing up, and becoming adults. They go from soft and quiet, to loud and very aggressive in a short space of time. This shocks their father, as he thought he knew his girls and didn't know that they had their aggressive side also. He was shocked. Then again he found his daughters mindful and loving side.' she looked down at him with an expression he did not recognize. What was the game, medical maternal? Was she going to laugh? But the child frowned. She was also struck by something new and unexpected. Now only he was sure and realises that it was their changing time from child to adult'. Now only he realises that all that stuff that was going around was a sudden change from childhood to adulthood. They are now turning to become a woman not a child, they are now becoming an adult and he shouldn't be the one to block their way rather help them and let them grow in peace and good environment. ...read more.

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