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Written Comparison with Blood Brothers and Educating Rita

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Written Comparison with Blood Brothers and Educating Rita My practical work in July 2009 was for option 2: acting. It was a piece of practical acting coursework and was based on the theme of class. The coursework was focused on Educating Rita and Blood Brothers which were both written by Willy Russell and both set in the 80's; we studied both of these in class and our coursework was to perform a section of Blood Brothers. My contribution to the performance was playing Mrs Johnstone in Blood Brothers from the beginning of the play to the song 'Easy Terms'. This section of the play is very significant because it is when Mrs Johnstone makes a binding agreement to give Mrs Lyons one of her babies, which later results in what the story of the play is all about. In my performance I mimed to the song 'Marilyn Monroe' and to Mrs Johnstones and Mrs Lyons duet. I had to put on an accent and learn to mime to songs. I had experience being a cleaner and having so many children that I had no money to look after them. I experienced being 'pregnant' because I had to have a cushion under my top to make it look like I was pregnant. To help me in my work I looked for information from Educating Rita because I found that Julie Walters played the character Rita very realistically. ...read more.


In Educating Rita, Rita comes across as the person people are laughing at because she is in a university, and it is unusual for people to go the university if they are from a lower class. People laughed at Rita for her accent and the way she dressed. In contrast, Blood Brothers divide in class is very obvious, yet in Educating Rita the divide is less obvious and it subtle. We don't know why this is but it is just the way Willy Russell wrote his plays. In Blood Brothers Mickey experiences the view of an upper class society by being friends with Edward, like Rita does in educating Rita by being friends with Frank. Frank seems to be cut off from a 'real' life because he is always at the university and is a drunk. He doesn't even realise his partner is cheating on him. This is the same with Edward, as he is 'cut off' from what Mickey would portray as a real life. Mickey would portray a real life by trying to earn money without having it given to you. Rita wants to be classified as a different class. She wants to be educated. Frank should not act embarrassed when he is around Rita, because this shows their strong relationship between them even thought they have now known each other for much time. Franks actions should be laid back because he does not really worry about the problems in life. ...read more.


This is a change in Rita because at the end of the production, Rita passes her exam and writes essays exceptionally well. Rita even knows how to pronounce authors names properly at the end of the play. Rita didn't know how to pronounce the authors names and at the beginning of the play in Act one Scene two she said 'Mr E.M Foster' and Frank replies 'Forster'. At the beginning of act two scene two, Rita talks in a peculiar voice because her new flatmate Trish has said 'there is not a lot of point in discussing beautiful literature in an ugly voice.' Rita's voice has turned quite peculiar and is trying to express who she wants to be. This change indicates to the audience that her new voice is awful and that Frank dislikes it very much. A quote to show that Frank dislikes it is: 'Well will you kindly tell Trish that I am not giving a tutorial to a Dalek?'(p83). This conveys to the audience that Willy Russell has directed Rita to use facial expressions to show her new voice and that her posture is different with her voice speaking in a new tone. This also shows that Frank is using his intelligence using analogy to describe the way Rita's voice is, it also shows the audience that he will not teach her while she has that voice on and that he is getting quite irritated about how much Rita goes on about Trish. This is the same as how Edward wants to fit in with Mickey, but he does this in an opposite way. ?? ?? ?? ?? Natalie Hopkins ...read more.

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