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Written concept of a personal performance of Mrs Iger, from Jim Cartwright's "Two".

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Written Concept In my drama monologue, I am playing Mrs Iger from the Jim Cartwright play, Two. This is a naturalistic play set in the 1980s, in a northern pub, with the intention that all the characters can be played by just two actors. In Two, I see Mrs Iger as resentful towards her husband, Mr Iger, for being small, timid and quiet, as this is what prevents him from simple activities such as buying drinks and having an argument. For this, I interpret Mrs Iger as being a very confident woman, who overshadows her husband immensely in confidence and loudness, but as her monologue consists mainly of how much she wants "big men", I believe she wants a very masculine, domineering man, and Mr Iger does not fulfil these wishes. ...read more.


"And you can really dig deep into 'em, can't you?), leaning forward and looking directly at a female in the audience, as if letting them in on a secret. As the play is episodic, to follow the playwright's intentions I will keep the staging of the scene very minimal, with only a chair and small table to keep the main focal point on Mrs Iger. I will place this downstage, to keep the audience close to Mrs Iger, as if everything she is saying is confiding in them, like a close friend. I will have Mrs Iger sitting down throughout the monologue, and a move from the chair is not necessary, as it would detract from the effect of the words. ...read more.


Towards the end, on the line "Yes, let me gather all ye big men of our isles and herd you up and lead you across America you myth men" I consider this to be the climax of the monologue, as she is building her fantasy up to a frenzy and is getting carried away, I will talk louder and faster, finally shouting "you myth men" loudly and almost hysterically, rocking backwards and forwards slightly, ecstatic with my own imaginings. On the final line, "Big men, love ya", I will breathe out heavily after "big men", and shake my head slightly, before saying "love ya" as if tasting the words, and looking directly at a man in the audience, as if saying it just for him. Word count (excluding quotations): 499 ...read more.

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