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  • Level: GCSE
  • Subject: Drama
  • Word count: 4417

Year 11 Portfolio on Homelessness

Extracts from this document...


Year 11 Portfolio on Homelessness - Paper 1 Unit 1. Response Phase: Firstly, we began by looking at a photo of Anne Smith, a homeless woman that has lived in an old, battered, Ford Consul in a leafy area of London for at least 12 years. We also looked at some of the issues surrounding this, because we found that some of the surrounding neighbours disliked the fact that she lived in a car, the state and hygiene of the car and the area around it. We also looked at the problems and issues that Anne faced and her human rights to live in the way that she likes. The class came up with many positives and negatives towards the idea of Anne Smith's living conditions. The positives were that she should have the right to live however she chooses, she was a polite woman that had lived there for 12 years without any problems and many people felt that she symbolised a sense of community in the area. The negatives we found were; the hygiene of the vehicle, and area around it were covered in litter, and, some neighbours even spoke of rats. In addition, the health and safety of passers-by could be affected by the car, for example; the children that live in the area could get hurt. In addition, the image of the street is degraded by the sight of her car and it could potentially affect the price of the houses in the surrounding areas. As you can see, the results of this showed that her presence may have affected the street and may have caused arguments and quarrels among the neighbours. Character Response: After a warm-up, we stood silently with our eyes closed and were asked to devise a character. This is the description of my character: Name: Dawn Fitzgerald Age: 23 Job: Store manager of a large clothes shop Family Circumstance: Engaged for one year. ...read more.


I thought that it would be a good idea to involve facts about the homeless at the end of the piece, as this would show that we had done some individual studying and to make the piece seem more authentic to a real T.V. documentary. We gave Kristy this part so that she could be involved in the piece without having any rehearsal time. We decided that the aim of our piece should be to show the audience that there are many different reasons for people becoming homeless and not to judge without knowledge of the situation. Piece Structure: 1) It begins with all of the characters stood in a line, frozen in a position that portrayed their character. Ben (the programme presenter) introduced the characters in the squat and gave a summary of their lives. 2) As Ben introduces each character, the story of how each of them came to leave their home is shown to the audience. 3) It starts with Jodie, playing the part of Joanne Down, a young teenager that had gotten herself pregnant whilst living with her very catholic parents. We find out this through a letter that Joanne and left her parents, we showed this by Craig and I playing the role of her parents reading the letter to ourselves and her narrating what the letter said. We then froze back into our positions. 4) Next, the story of Lucy McNamara, my character, was shown. She was a 16-year-old girl and we learn that she was told to leave home after hitting her younger brother (Craig) again. Her mother (Jodie) decided that it was enough and asked her to leave. She then turned to prostitution. 5) Craig's part of Derrick Poulton was shown being thrown out because of stealing from his mother's purse to buy drugs and alcohol. He then moved in with his brother (Joe) and lived there until his brother found out that he had been taking money from him as well. ...read more.


Working in a group like this gave me skills such as learning that I'm not the only person in the group that has good ideas, this meant that I needed to listen more to what other people said rather than only listening to myself. I think that the class all really got involved with the piece and found it really interesting to learn about. I think that everybody enjoyed learning about it as it something that is relevant to us. Jodie really impressed me with her performance in "The Squat." I think that she was really confident with this piece and it showed throughout her performance. She knew her cues and her lines extremely well and didn't corpse during any of the pieces in this unit. I think that the piece she impressed me most in, was scene six of "The Squat," she played the part of the mother and she got really into the role, she showed a lot of emotion throughout the scene. The mimed argument was really emotional and touching. Most people seem to think that to show anger and sadness you have to be vocal about it but the mime was performed in such a way that it was obvious what was going on and you could tell exactly what emotions she was going through, this was shown clearly through her facial expressions and stance. The class showed that they could empathise with the homeless people very well and this was shown through the pieces. They understood what was asked from them and they did exactly that. All of the pieces performed throughout this unit were of an extremely high quality. From this experience I have found that, I can work well in groups if I listen more, I can use accents and swap well between characters. I think that overall, this was an extremely positive experience for the whole class and I think that everybody really enjoyed earning about this topic. ...read more.

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