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12 Angry Men

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12 Angry Men What techniques does the playwright use to increase and decrease tension in the scenes provided? Does the playwright succeed in this attempt? This essay will be discussing the methods used to increase and decrease tension by the playwright Reginald Rose in the play 12 Angry Men. The play takes place on a blazing hot day in the middle of July, and begins as some Jurors enter the jury room to discuss a murder committed by a young man. The jurors begin light conversation as they enter the small, hot and cramped room and find their seats. They begin discussing the murder, and soon it is clear that the majority of the jurors believe the young man to be guilty and that they have no desire to sit and deliberate, they would rather talk about a baseball game, which starts at 7pm that evening. ...read more.


To make even more tension, we see that in this tiny room, a juror is sweating and tries to turn on the fan, which doesn't seem to work, making the already blazing hot room even hotter. The atmosphere is unstable because the heat makes the jurors insecure. The hot weather continues to make an impact on the mood. In Act 1, Juror 6 says, "What a murderous day", which is commenting on the weather and is a pun on the case itself being about murder. In Act 2 the weather turns bad, the vote is still guilty, so they take another vote. The vote is even: 6-6. At the same time the weather gets cool again and the foreman says "Wow! Look at that come down, will ya? Think it'll cool things off?" Juror 8 replies "Yeah, I guess so". This signifies to the audience and the reader that the tension has broken. ...read more.


In conclusion, I think that the author used successful methods to increase and decrease tension. In the first half of the play there is much tension and emotion as the jurors fight and contradict Juror 8. At the beginning of the play, the use of weather increases tension and this breaks when the group votes 6-6. You can see this reflected in the jurors: for example, Juror 3 is "dark with rage" after he shouts "I'll Kill him, I'll Kill him!" at the end of Act 1. The jury room also adds to the tension when the guard outside locks the door. A juror says, "I never knew they locked the door". This creates a feeing of panic and claustrophobia. Objects in the room itself play their part, such as the water cooler, where jurors go to cool down after an argument. This decreases tension as well. Overall, the playwright is successful in his aim. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jacob Moses 12 Angry Men Coursework English Mr McClusky 1 ...read more.

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