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‘A view from the Bridge’ and ‘A Son’s Veto’.

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'A view from the Bridge' and 'A Son's Veto'. A Woman's place is in the home. In these two works the authors invite us to look closely at 'a woman's place' in society. In this essay I am going to look at and discuss the ways in which they present the views of women and the expectations of the society in which they live. The reason why I have chosen to compare these two pieces of work is that they both have a similar message to put across. The message is about a woman's place and where it should be. Both of the books put women in a lower social standing to men. The pieces of work are not written in the same form but what ever form the writing takes we will be able to find similarities in the message the writers want to express. The writers have a very similar theme but they chose different ways to express it. In 'A view from a bridge' Arthur Miller shows Beatrice's struggle with Eddie to let Catherine, their niece, become independent. In 'The Son's Veto' Thomas Hardy shows the control of a son over his mother, Sophy and her inability to do anything to pursue her feelings towards Sam, a man of lower social standing. ...read more.


She understands that women should have equal rights but takes the easy option and accepts where she is and what she is. This is why Beatrice and Sophy are similar because they both only had little or no education and now rely completely on their husband funds. All they have to do in return is to keep a clean house, cook and raise the children. Eddie and Beatrice don't have any children of their own but they have raised their niece Catherine as their own. Catherine is different to Sophy in that she has had a full education and will become financially independent. Sophy was expected to present herself as a lady whenever she was to be in the public eye. Sophy was also expected to do chores and raise children whilst they were home from boarding school. This was all that was expected of a woman of her time. Beatrice was also expected to dress smartly and conservatively. Catherine was a modern girl and dressed to impress. She was well educated and so was less dependant on getting a husband before her good looks left her. But there was still the male dominance that had some control over her. ...read more.


He is her only visible means of support. This is the complete opposite of today where there are a lot of women raising families easily by themselves and they have the choice of whether to have a man or not. They can live quite comfortably without a man. Society is also more accepting of this situation. There is also a slight incline towards incest in the play between Eddie and Catherine which suggests to me that women were seen as sex objects by men of that time and not as women or people in their own right. The difference today is that women don't have to use their body or femininity to get what they want but instead use their intellect. In both of the books there is a message of women being under the control of the males. This has changed for the better today as there is less gender discrimination and women have a much larger freedom of expression. This type of gender discrimination is out dated and unacceptable. I believe that the authors of these texts have a clear message for women of today. Women can be independent and successful today without the need for male control or patronage, I quote a Cambridge entrance exam "women need men like fish need bicycles''. ...read more.

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