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‘Blood brothers’ - Review of Theatre Performance

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Review of a live theatre performance On Monday 9th July 2001 I went with a group of 9, 10, and ex 11 students to see 'Blood brothers' at the theatre royal in Brighton. Blood brothers is about a pair of twins who are split up at birth, because their natural mother cannot afford to keep both of them and her already large family. When the twins Eddie (the given away twin) and Mickey (the kept twin) are nearly 8 years old they meet each other, and much to the dismay of Linda (Mickey's female best friend) and both of their mothers, who forbid them from seeing each other anymore. Eddies mother is infact so paranoid of her son finding out anything about his past that she moves away with him to the countryside, but unknowingly so do Mickey and his family. Due to the boys attending separate schools, they do not meet again until they are 14 years old. Once they meet they become best friends again and hangout as a threesome with Mickey's lifelong friend and eventual sweetheart and wife Linda. By the age of 18 when Eddie is in university and Mickey is struggling to afford anything (especially with Linda having a baby on the way) his older brother Sammy talks him into a bank robbery which goes terribly wrong and sends Mickey to jail for 7 years. ...read more.


And yet with Mickey's big brother Sammy donning a comical 'status quo' studded leather jacket during the second half, I got the impression that they must have been living in the early 70s, however I will not dwell to much on this aspect of the costuming as it is my own foolish problem of not having any decent knowledge of the dress sense of certain eras. The costumes that the young Eddie and Mickey wore were actually very helpful in showing what kind of families they were from,. There was Eddie in a traditional English private schoolboys uniform (grey shorts, blazer and a cap) and Mickey, the child of a lower working class mother, in a pair of dirty shorts and a baggy ripped jumper. So worn infact that he could stretch it over his knees. The actors appeared to look comfortable in their costumes and if they weren't then they didn't let it show or hinder their performance in the slightest. I think the costumes did fit the design concept of the set, as Mickey's mother seemed to fit in to the scene perfectly as a pre 1990s working class mother. There were no spectacular lighting effects during blood brothers, but during the brief funfair scene they used coloured lights to reflect the happy and bright night time atmosphere of the fair. And little fairy lights were used to be the lights on cars in the night time background of Liverpool. ...read more.


the scene where he almost kissed Linda it was so upsetting that it almost made me want to cry as well, even though the audience was meant to be concentrating on the partnership of Linda and Mickey. All in all I would have to say that the woman who played Eddies mother was better than Eddie himself because she seemed to be really into her role and led me to believe that she really was that character. I think that the audience really really enjoyed the show, because Blood Brothers is a very famous musical and many people love it, the turn out was quite hefty and nobody left with a frown on their face. I think that the best part of the show was when Eddie and Mickey leave the cinema after seeing a pornography film as it is a more light hearted humorous part of the show and it had me laughing when Linda and her friend caught Eddie and Mickey impersonating the porn stars that they had just seen. However something that I did feel needed improvement was the fact that almost every single song that was in the show ended up going into a rendition of a song with 'you know the devils got your number' in the lyrics, which I swear if I ever hear that god awful song again I will rip my ears off. Word Count: 1474 this word count does not include footnotes, headers or footers ?? ?? ?? ?? ????????????????? ...read more.

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