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‘Milk for the Cat’ and ‘A Case of Murder’

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My task is to compare two poems called 'Milk for the Cat' which is written by Harold Monro and 'A Case of Murder' which is written by Vernon Scanell. The title 'Milk for the Cat' suggests that it is about a cat that is greedy and when she/he goes to drink her/ his milk she/he dies. The title 'A Case of Murder', suggests that it is about a killer who murders someone and detectives are investigating it. The poem 'Milk for the Cat' is about a cat that wants some milk and waits for it. In the end she gets her milk, at the last drop of the milk she sinks back into the night. The poem 'A case of Murder' is about a cat that was left alone in a basement flat and he only was nine. ...read more.


The boy in 'A Case of Murder' keeps on looking at the cat, he didn't like the cat so he took his daddy's stick and hit the cat and then he dumped it in a spidery cupboard. The effect in the ending in 'Milk for the Cat' makes the reader feel sleepy because when it says' Three or four hours unconscious there'. The effect in the ending in 'A Case of Murder' makes the reader feel sad because the boy had dumped the cat in a small cupboard. But we still have a feeling of hope because when the cupboard' s side split the cat will be free and might just hurt the boy. 'Milk for the Cat' has nine verses and 'A Case of Murder' has one verse. ...read more.


in 'A Case of murder' they are talking about the cat. Only the poem 'A Case of Murder' uses repetition. Here is an example of repetition in 'A Case of Murder' 'Alone, that is except for the cat'. Repetition makes the reader feel that the point is quite important in the poem. Both poems use onomatopoeia. In the poem 'Milk for the Cat' the onomatopoeia are 'Purring, Stamps and Purr' In the poem ' A Case of Murder' the onomatopoeia are 'Slashing, Buzzing and Slammed'. The effect of onomatopoeia is to make reader think they actually are hearing the sound. Personally, I prefer 'A Case of Murder' because it has got quite a lot of similes and the ending is a cliffhanger so you are anxious to find out what happens next and you keep on guessing what will happen next? By, Prabhdeep Kaur Bimmut. ?? ?? ?? ?? Prabhdeep K. Bimmut 7/3 ...read more.

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