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‘Of all the stories in ‘the adventures of Sherlock Holmes’ ‘The speckled Band’ is probably, the one that most successfully combines all the quality’s of a classic detective story.’ What in your opinion are these qualitie

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'Of all the stories in 'the adventures of Sherlock Holmes' 'The speckled Band' is probably, the one that most successfully combines all the quality's of a classic detective story.' What in your opinion are these qualities and how are they combined in the story? 'The speckled Band' is a detective story, which was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 'The Speckled Band' was on of many famous stories in the Sherlock Holmes trilogy. 'The Speckled Band' was set towards the end of the 19th Century in Victorian London. In every Sherlock Holmes book there were two main characters, the first is Sherlock Holmes and the second is Dr.Watson. ...read more.


Sherlock Holmes talks in a very posh country kind of manner, this shows he had a privileged up bringing. The tone is shown when Sherlock wakes Dr.Watson. "Very sorry to knock you up, Watson." Dr.Watson is the narrator of 'The Speckled Band.' Dr.Watson is more a normal man, he is not as observant as Mr. Holmes. It is shown he isn't as observant as Sherlock Holmes in the quote: "Did you see anything more that me?" asked Dr.Watson "No, but I fancy I may have deduced a little more" said Sherlock Holmes. This shows how Dr.Watson thinks like an average person, he is there to ask the questions that the reader would be asking. ...read more.


His tome of speaking is very smart. Both Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson live in a bachelors pad in Baker Street. There is a standard structure to every Sherlock Holmes story, the structure is that first a person who is helpless and in distress fist comes to see Sherlock Holmes, the they tell him the story, Sherlock then visits the crime scene and slowly works out the motives, when he has worked it out he doesn't tell any one right until the end of the story. This is called the denovement. In 'The Speckled Band' Miss. Stoner is the victim. When she talks to Sherlock Holmes for the first time she is described as 'A lady dressed in black and heavily veiled' ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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