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‘Perfect Day’.

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'Perfect Day' It was a normal day, the kind of day when one would not expect the unexpected to happen. Everything seemed to be going according to plan, in retrospect I should have realised that things were too perfect. Things in Northern Ireland seemed to be getting back to normal, less riots in the streets, no more police cars zooming up and down the roads. The busses were even running on time. It was not going to be one of those days when everything goes wrong because I cannot get a bus or the roads are closed. When I looked down the street there did not seem to be as many armed soldiers as there used to be that was definitely an improvement. I walked into the kitchen and told my husband what I had seen and how I felt that everything was going to go well today. "Well it's only eleven in the morning, so there is plenty of time for things to go wrong!" "That is so typical of you to say something like that! You are so negative we have had years of living in terror and having to look under the car for bombs. We have delayed having children until we move to England, but you cannot get a transfer till November next year! ...read more.


I went back to the mother but she had fallen unconscious. I tried to wake her again but the loss of blood had taken its toll. I ran to the pile of rubble that once was the door. I tried screaming but nobody heard. I stumbled into the main part of the supermarket where the centre of the blast had been the pain in my head was now excruciating. The mess was unbelievable; people had fallen everywhere some were still whimpering others were already dead, I tried to motivate the people who could stand to help the people on the floor. I looked around desperately needing some way of getting out but I could not find anywhere. I started to panic. "What are we going to do? We're trapped, help! Help! HELP!" I started to panic even more thinking that I was not going to get out alive. "Calm down! You're going to be all right" I turned around to see a tall heavily built man sporting a bad leg wound. "You're hurt" I stuttered. "Looks worse than it is." He said "There are loads of people that need medical attention very soon otherwise they will die. How can we get out of here?" ...read more.


I was ready to leave and waiting for the all clear from the doctor with Mark when I was asked if I could come into the relatives room. I stepped inside and saw many faces staring back at me, the nurse that had brought me in told me that these were the relatives of the people who had died when the remainder of the roof collapsed and that they wanted to ask some questions. I nodded, unable to speak, a small women stepped forward her hands shaking as she prepared to speak. "Did they suffer?" Her voice was weak and shook at every word. I did not know how to reply; had they died instantly or were they left to suffer until they did? This women wanted an answer and I was expected to give it to her; why me? There were other people there! The answer I would give would be the answer that she wanted to here. "No, their death would have been quick and painless." An expression of pure relief came over her face and she turned and walked back to her husband. More people then came forward with questions all needing an answer to help their grieving. The people who died needed me but I could not help them, just like I could not help their relatives. I looked around the room. There was nothing more I could so I left. Alexandra Carter English Coursework ...read more.

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