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‘Rolling Thunder’.

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'Rolling Thunder' Ralph looked back. No, they were not there. How long would it be until they looked for him? Days, hours, minutes. He didn't know! Suddenly he saw a gleaming ray of glistening intense light coming from a small, unexplored cove, just around the corner from the rocks which the boys had used as a toilet. What was it? He edged forward, with a sense of confusion he stepped up and climbed over the jagged boulder blocking his path. There it was; was it real? Just on the edge of the beach below the crest of a new wave was a gleaming conch shell. Ralph was excited, he knew that although the boys had disregard for the old shell this had been proved when they had murdered Piggy and destroyed the old shell. Could this new shell mean the anonymous figures of savagery would understand that for every democratic symbol that they destroyed there would be millions of others to take its place? Ralph pondered over this very serious question. He heard a hunt going on nearby and hid until the child killers had passed. He thought he recognised a voice. No, they were all the same. Ralph got up, dusted himself down and headed towards the dense forest of disastrous mystery. "Get them out here" "Yes chief." Jack looked up. It was mid-afternoon and he could hear the huge waves crashing against his palace of Castle Rock. ...read more.


He retraced Sam's footsteps to the gate and started his patrol. The beautiful morning mist that the boys had become so used to was taking over the green island. No-one noticed the rain that had come down during the night. Ralph had slept in a sheltered cove with a roof. Jack and the savages had slept in their huts. Even the pilot was dry from sleeping under a huge heathery bush that kept him warm. As the great clouds disappeared and the beautiful piercing sunlight penetrated through the air the pilot woke from his deep sleep. He looked to his right and noticed glass. He remembered the body and left it. The journey down the daunting mountain began. Marching into the room, with an armed savage on either side, Jack ordered everyone to get out of their poorly built beds. They had found something by the entrance to the fort. Excited by all of this, every single savage jumped out of their dried grass beds and ran to the door all at once. As could be expected the delicate shelter collapsed. Jack looked on in despair as the savages stuck inside scrambled out of the wooden pile. They were all unharmed by the collapse. "You will build a new one later," ordered Jack. "Now though, you all need to see something." The boys walked around the corner and looked down on the huge waves that continually crashed into the great rocks. ...read more.


Ralph and the as yet unnamed airman ran as fast as they could into the fort. With his gun drawn the airman rounded up everyone with only three shots of his pistol. None of them hit anyone but they startled the surprised and scared savages. The airman with his gun out collected every boy who was still alive and took them down to the cove. The boys washed the paint off their faces and sat bewildered amongst the huge pile of conch shells. They picked them up, tossed them about - anything to pass the time. Two boats appeared on the horizon and within minutes they were loading the boys onto the vessels. The airman called a junior officer over and ordered him and two others to follow him up the mountain. All around the cove the boys were being fed, they ate hungrily the meat and the vegetables they were being given. Swiftly the airman grabbed a blanket and the four men walked up the mountain. Being regular military men they made it up the mountain in less than 20 minutes. The airman removed is hat and lifted the burnt corpse of the child out of the bush. Sadly the men joined in and helped life the body down the mountain and towards the waiting boats. Another boat had come and the men lifted the body onto the third boat and did a roll call. Leaving the beach the three boats departed towards the small shape of a warship lying gently on the deep water of the horizon. Michael Hough 10SEQ 28/04/2007 10:56 AM ...read more.

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