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“A Blind Date” Creative Writing

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"A Blind Date" Creative Writing There was nothing but the sounds of the heating on, and Kerry fast asleep. Suddenly the phone rang. Kerry looked at the clock; it was 1:35 am. Who would call at this time Kerry wondered? The phone rang again, Kerry picked up the phone, "Hello" he said half-awake and half-asleep. It was a weird female voice and the voice was high-pitched too, "Sticks and Stones, can break your bones." "Who is this", Kerry yelled? And the terror began. Kerry is one of the main characters in the story Blind Date written by R.L. Stine of the most suspenseful and adventures story writers in the field of young adult books. Kerry Hart is not your real teen dream. Let's put it this way he's a LOSER! ...read more.


Everything bad has happened to Kerry. First he gets kicked off the football team, because one day at practice he accidentally broke the star quarterback's leg. Second, everybody in school hates him except for his best friend and only friend Josh. Third, his parents are divorced and either of them talks to him, because his mom is living somewhere out of the sate and his dad is constantly at work. Fourth, he gets threatening phone calls from someone who he doesn't know. Kerry has pretty tough life. Until one night almost his whole life changes. He gets a phone call from a girl name Mandy, and tells him that he's her blind date. When Kerry meets her he thinks that she's the girl of his dreams, she's everything he wants in a girl, except she's a little strange and weird. ...read more.


Also when I tried to predict the ending of the book it completely had a different ending that I hadn't even though about. That's the part that really surprised me. In summary, I really enjoyed the book Blind Date. One of the reasons why I liked it is because I favored Kerry's personality, of how he deals with the problems and everything. I also liked how the author put a lot of detail into each chapter it was like you could create a vivid picture of what was happening. It seemed pretty realistic too. I don't think the book had any weaknesses in any of the areas. Blind Date is never boring it is always filled with suspense and makes you want to turn every page until you finish it. So the next time that you're looking for a book to read and want it to be suspenseful and scary Blind Date is the book for you! THE END ...read more.

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