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“a Life In the Day of”

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"A LIFE IN THE DAY OF" Life is complex and can be very complicated because everyone's unique and has their opinions and views, which usually are influenced by their relationships with people and physical surroundings. Well, my day begins when I awake to the sound of my mother's voice yelling at me to wake up but as I'm still in a drowsy state it takes me a few minutes to get myself together and actually get out of bed. During this time I normally fall in and out of sleep, whilst shouting back, "five minutes" to my now angry mother. I sloppily make my way to the bathroom and splash my eyes with cold water to truly awaken my senses. After what seems like a long time, I go about my usual business, getting dressed, checking I've got everything I will need for the day etc. By this time I'm in a rush to get to the car, even though I get driven to school by my father I still only just manage to get to school on time. ...read more.


Time flies when I'm at home so after eating my dinner and watching some television I have to go do my school work which can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Unlike some fools who waste their school education just socialising with their friends, I want to get somewhere in life. And to reach my goal of becoming a successful lawyer or barrister I will have to work extremely hard, be dedicated to my education but still have a balance between academics and social time. Once I've spent some time on my homework, I chill out for a while, meaning I rumble up a snack. My diet is not as healthy as it should be, but when I remember that I should be filling my body with nutritional and good food, I eat fruit or salad. Basically, I eat junk food or mostly carbohydrates, especially rice because I eat what my mother cooks. I don't get to go out in the evenings much because my mother is over protective; however there isn't much to do; besides go to the park or for a stroll. ...read more.


It's hard to imagine myself with kids and a husband but I'll never rule out the possibility of one day settling down, because I would want to experience being a wife and mother to find out if I'll be any good at conducting these roles in my life (If my mother's upbringing has rubbed off on me). What worries me most is the thought or war breaking out (world war 3). I also have a big fear of death because it will probably be painful and you don't know what happens after that for certain. I scared of going to hell even though I know I'm going to end up there. I'm Muslim and Islam teaches you how to live a "good" life and not to fear death. In fact it teaches you to be prepared for it but the way I live my life (mostly in sin) I know wherever I end up, it won't be anything like what heaven is supposed to be like. Overall, I hope to one day be successful and wealthy, no matter what, above everything else I want to be happy and possibly in love with a wonderful guy. By Fatima Mir 10CE ...read more.

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