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“A view form a bridge’ is a play set firmly in an immigrant culture, ruled by its own laws’ how important are the Sicilian Codes of conduct and honour to the development of the play.

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"a view form a bridge' is a play set firmly in an immigrant culture, ruled by its own laws' how important are the Sicilian Codes of conduct and honour to the development of the play. I think that a view from a bridge the Sicilian Codes of conduct and honour are very important to the development of the play as they form an integral part of the plot. The split between the old world Sicilian Codes and the new world American vales is very evident as people form the same families being on different sides of the divide for example Catharine is warming to the new world values where she does what she wants to do but Eddie still believes strongly in the old world values and so tries to control her as he is head of the family, but Beatrice personally believes in the old world values but acknowledges Catherine's need to move to the new world values but Eddie will not allow her. ...read more.


schooling so show the value to want something better for your children than you have for yourself, he also shows the move between the old and new world values, meaning that he as a second generation immigrant has moved now to the new world values but still understands the old world values as Catherine and Rodolfo have. Eddie originally has a problem with Rodolfo because he does not consider him a man and has skills like most men do not like cooking and dress making he is also blond with blue eyes which is very uncommon among the male immigrant population, this convinces Eddie that instead of having to admit to himself that the reason he does not like Rodolfo and Catherine being together is because he loves Catherine but it is because Rodolfo is gay and not right for her as he is not big and strong like him and Marco and so would not be able to look after Catherine as a husband should, this gives him more reasons not to face the truth and this leads to his eventual ultimate betrayal of all the old world values even though he still believes in them. ...read more.


The Sicilian Codes played a major part in the development of 'A view from a bridge'. They caused the development of almost all if not all of the problems experience by Eddie Carbone in the end of the play., for example if the Sicilian Codes had not made him take in his cousins he may not have done or if they had come at least they may not have stayed so long, also if the Sicilian Codes did not spell out what a man was supposed to do for his wife this may have caused less conflict between Eddie and Rodolfo as Eddie would have had less reasons for him not to be able to look after Catherine and may have been forced into submission, also if they had lived by American laws then he may not have accepted them in the first place. So if the Sicilian Codes had not been in place the whole episode may not have occurred, this shows that the Sicilian Codes were essential to the development of the play. ...read more.

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