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“A View from the bridge.” By Arthur Miller.

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"A View from the bridge." By Arthur Miller. "A view from the bridge" is a drama/play, which deals with strong emotions. The play is set in the "Red Hook" district of New York where a Sicilian community has set up, and where 'respect' is everything. The play is set in the 1940's, in the great depression. Eddie Carbone is the main character of the play, and one of Arthur Millers main concerns with him is his psychological state of mind. The play concentrates from the first word to the last full stop on the way Eddie clashes with his emotions, as his niece, Catherine, matures into a young woman and constructs a serious relation ship with an illegal immigrant who is staying with them. Arthur Miller was born on October 17th, 1915, in New York. Both of his parents were immigrants, but the family was quiet wealthy because of his fathers successful clothing business, until it was declared bankrupt following the crash at the stock exchange. Miller then went to work as a warehouseman to earn money to go to the university of Michigan in 1934. Miller whilst studding, Economics and History also took a course in playwriting and then became his main fixation. After his graduation in 1938, he became a journalist and wrote radio scripts. During World war two Miller worked as a ship fitter for two years, in Brooklyn Navy Ship yard, where almost all the workers were of Italian descendant. ...read more.


This clearly shows that Catherine is very special to Eddie and he will do any thing to protect her. The further on into the play you go the more it becomes apparent that Eddie is emotionally unstable and is not ready to deal with his inner emotions, he turns out quiet nasty and an overall angry person towards life: I ain't starting nothing, but I ain't goanna stand around looking at that... This aggression is directed at his wife Beatrice and a relative named Rodolpho who at this time has started dating his beloved niece. The further on in the play Eddie starts to show his anger in other ways, mainly by insulting and talking about Rodolpho behind his back: I mean if you closed the paper fast- you could blow him away. He has turned from telling people he will vent his anger out on Rodolpho, to just, 'slagging' him off, this is a sign of Eddies emotions, (he is petrified that he will run off with Catherine). But just a few minutes before Beatrice tries to tell Catherine, what she has noticed about Eddie's sudden change in Emotions towards her: Well you can't do it. Or like you sit on the edge of the bathtub when he's shavin in his underwear... After this when the two illegal immigrants arrive at Eddies house Eddie is fine with both of them, he is chatty and helpful towards them: Don't thank me. ...read more.


A wife is supposed to believe the husband. If I tell you that guy ain't right don't tell me he is right. Beatrice has now crossed the line and Eddie is starting to dislike her as have all the other characters in the play apart from on 'Alfieri'. On the day of Catherine's wedding Eddie tells Beatrice that he does not think that the wedding is not 'right', but he also tells he that she can't go, and if she does go she will not be aloud back into his house: Didn't you hear what I told you? You walk out that door- to that wedding you ain't coming back here, Beatrice. Beatrice is very shocked by Eddies response to Catherine's wedding, and as a result does not go to the wedding, because of her fear that she won't be aloud back into Eddies life and home. After the wedding a fight breaks out between Eddie and Marco because Marco is being sent back to Scilly, Marco accuses Eddie of 'killing his children'. Eddie pulls out a knife and tries to stab Marco with it, but Marco turns the blade and plunges it into Eddie's chest. Eddies dieing words were: My B.! These are a reminder that it could never work out between Eddie and Catherine, and that Beatrice was his 'soul' mate. The death of Eddie was inevitable with all these emotionally fraught relationships being touched by him, mainly through his stubbornness to let his beloved niece go out into the world. ...read more.

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