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“All are Punished” - Punishment in Romeo and Juliet

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"All are Punished" Act V Scene 3 Line294 "All are punished" is a line said by the ruler of Verona, Prince Esculus and probably bests sums up the well-known tragedy by William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare the author of the play wrote the play during the time of Queen Elizabeth. It was set in Italy to suck up to the Queen by saying that Italy was in a bad condition because of its bad monarchs whereas England was in a great condition because of its brilliant ruler. After the chorus has left we quickly see the third battle that has taken place in Verona involving the Montagues and the Capulets because of an argument that took place so long ago that no-one knows how it happened in the first place. Here the battle is started by servants and this because to servants were part of the family and if there was a fight they to be involved. The servants are joking about raping the other families female servants. However the joking soon turn to horror when the fighting and killing begins. In the paragraph we also see how the families are not all "2.4 families". Lady Capulet mocks her spouse when asks for a sword to join the fight by saying he should have a crutch. ...read more.


She does not know how old her daughter is, she finds it hard to talk to her daughter alone as we see when she introduces the idea of marriage to her and she needs the nurse to be there and when Juliet refuses to marry Paris, Lady Capulet, unlike most mothers, does nothing to help her argue against her father. She infact finds it hard to be close to anyone, however many people and I think that it may have been that Lady Capulet was having an affair with Tybalt. In Zeffirelli's film we see how Tybalt is angered when Romeo dances with Lady Capulet and in the play Lady Capulet seems to mourn Tybalt's death more tha anyone. The Montagues are seldom mentioned in the play, however unlike the Capulets they seem to love there child very much. In the first scene Montague seems to be worried about Romeo and as mentioned Lady Montague dies when she realises that her son it to be exciled. With parents like that both Romeo and Juliet are forced to find other people to turn to. Romeo turns to Friar Lawrence and Juliet turns to the Nurse. The Friar is Romeo's confidant. He knows about the feuding between the families and he also knows about how Romeo felt about Rosaline. ...read more.


On another level it makes us wonder if we are we free to make our own decisions or is there aomoene above who decides our destiny? The last scene sees our protagonists take there lives. When Romeo kills Paris, Paris's last wish is to be placed next to Juliet. Romeo does this even though Paris was in love with his wife. He knows how it is to be in love with Juliet and it took Paris about the same time to fall in love Juliet as it did him to. The two lovers then see each other to be dead and so kill themselves. It now the task is left to Friar Lawrence who in my opinions more responsible than the rest for the deaths to explain. In the end the feud is ended but at a great cost as ALL ARE PUNISHED. In my opinion the play is good guide to life. It teaches us about love and hate, man and woman. It teaches us the possibility of fate. The Play being so famous is one of its downfalls. Most people will know the ending before they read the start and so it spoils their understanding and appreciation of it. Coursework 4 : Essay on a Shakespeare Play Andrew Fernando 1 ...read more.

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