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“An Inspector Calls is full of mystery and suspense.”Show by detailed reference to the text how this atmosphere is created and maintained through the play.

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"An Inspector Calls is full of mystery and suspense." Show by detailed reference to the text how this atmosphere is created and maintained through the play. J.B Priestly uses a lot of ideas to give the audience an idea of suspense and mystery. At the start of the film and play production the audience can hear music, this makes them wonder what is going on as the family inside the house is happy and joyous, yet the music seems eerie and almost scary. Minutes into the play a grand entrance is made (that of the inspector) which creates a feeling of unease, as the audience and the family wonder what he is doing there. The entrances and exits are used in the best possible way, he makes the entrance of a character leave a big impression, but the exit of a character leave an even bigger one. ...read more.


This leads to dramatic irony as the audience knows what is going on, but still not all the characters know. The best case of dramatic irony is between Eric, Mrs B and Eva Smith towards the end of act 2, when Mrs B is going on about, "that father of Eva Smith's baby needs to be taken in hand and dealt with and he should accept his responsibility." The audience know that the father is Eric, but still Mrs B was making it worse as she was still blissfully unaware. Mrs B finally realises what is going on when Eric enters and the room goes silent. These sudden silences create feelings of mystery and suspense throughout the family as nobody seems to know what is going on. ...read more.


Suddenly whilst Mr Birling and his family are laughing and joking about the fake inspector the phone rings, and the Birling family get quite a shock, when it turns out to be from the infirmary, claiming to have a recent death due to the same reasons that Mr Birling had explained. This makes the audience and the family wonder how the 'inspector' knew about the death when it hadn't even happened. When the infirmary say the "a girl died a few minutes ago in the infirmary after drinking some strong disinfectant, and a police inspector is on his way over to ask some questions" this leaves an air of suspense as neither the family or the audience know what is going to happen, or who will the inspector be? ...read more.

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