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“Cousin Kate,” written by Christina Rossetti in 1860 and “The Seduction,” written by Eileen Mc Auley in 1980.

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In this essay I am going to compare "Cousin Kate," written by Christina Rossetti in 1860 and "The Seduction," written by Eileen Mc Auley in 1980. "Cousin Kate" and "The Seduction" are two poems involving the loss of a woman's virginity. Although the subject of the poems is the same, the poets have approached the subject in two very different ways. After the women have been seduced they both get pregnant. The Girl in "Cousin Kate," feels that her "fair haired son" is her "shame" and "pride"; the Girl in "The Seduction," however, feels that it is, Better to destroy life in life's modern, man made ways Than to fall into this despicable, feminine void. This is powerful metaphorical language that has been used by the poet in the last line of the penultimate stanza of "The Seduction." The tenor of this metaphor is the Girl getting pregnant, which she feels is the same as falling into a "despicable, feminine void," which is the vehicle. The ground between the girl's situation and a "void" is that she feels that she is in an emptiness and is alone, as she has been rejected by society. There is a sense that she had no control of what happened and has no control of what is happening, as when you fall you have no idea of when you are going to stop falling. ...read more.


She was "His plaything and his love." There is an interesting simile in the seventh stanza of, "The Seduction," where the narrator says that, The Mersey, green as a septic wound. When we look at this metaphor we see that the tenor is the Mersey, the vehicle is the septic wound and the ground between these two is the idea of pollution. I think that this is a very strong and striking image because it works really well, because not only the river is polluted and makes it vivid, but also it makes us think about what is going to happen to the Girl and how she is going to get wounded. We see that in both poems that after the women have been seduced their seducers do not see them again. The Lord dumps the women for Cousin Kate; the Boy never sees the Girl again. In both poems, the seducers and women are anonymous. This adds to the intensity of both poems as the poems can be related to anybody. As both women are anonymous it also suggests to the reader that the women have somehow lost their honour, shame and are just a "plaything" and a "slag" because they have lost their virginity. ...read more.


The Girl breaks her shoes when she finds that she is pregnant because she wants to be innocent, naive and an ordinary Girl again by breaking her shoes that represent her being sophisticated. The Girl rips up her unreal, romantic, idealistic magazines, which she feels are no use to her now and this represents her ripping up her childhood. Also she feels, "cheated by the promise of it all." I think that the simile that compares the Girl ripping up her comics, Until they were bright paper, like confetti is a very powerful comparison that the author employs. The, "confetti," represents her life, childhood, and future that she has ripped up. The, "confetti," also represents her torn up hope of getting married to, "the boy next door," because confetti is used in weddings and parties. This works really well because it draws in the reader and makes the reader feel empathetic towards the Girl. Both poems consist of very powerful metaphorical language and similes, which the poets employ to explore the theme of seduction. Both poems use rhyme to create emphasis on particular words and situations. In conclusion, I think that, "The Seduction," is better than, "Cousin Kate," because it really makes the reader feel empathetic towards the Girl. ?? ?? ?? ?? I BISHAN PANESAR 10DJG "My shame my pride" An analysis of the means which two poets employ to explore the theme of seduction ...read more.

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