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“Holy Sonnet”, “To His Coy Mistress”, and “Sonnet 71”.

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"Holy Sonnet", "To His Coy Mistress", and "Sonnet 71". We have recently studied 3 poems " TO HIS COY MISTRES " by Andrew Marvell in which he is trying to persuade his mistress to sleep with him using the imagery of love sex and death. The second of the three is HOLY SONNET written by John Donre a priest who is challenging death. The third and final is SONNET 71 written by William Shakespeare who is writing to his lover telling her to no longer mourn for him when he is gone .The three poems have very strong emotions and feelings and consist of strong images of love sex and death. Through out the poems the power of persuasion is very is very much apparent. To His Coy Mistress was written in the 19th century. The language is difficult to understand to a modern reader as it was written before our time, but we can recognise Andrew Marvell is using the imagery of love death and sex to persuade his lover to sleep with him. ...read more.


Marvell writes as though he loves her he expresses these feelings with similes and metaphors "my vegetable love should grow ", " no let us sport us while we may and like amorous birds of prey" He uses metaphor and similes to give us an idea of his love for her. Marvels main goal of the poem is to get his mistress to sleep with him. He tries to persuade her by using quite strong emotions love and death "and your quaint honour turn to dust and into ashes all my lust". Marvell is saying that when she dies her beauty will go and with it his love which is quite a strong image. The second of the three poems is Holy Sonnet which was written by John Donre also before the 19th century. The language is also quite difficult to a modern reader as it was also written before our time .We realise Donre is trying to personify death as though death was a real person; Donre was a priest who was challenging death. ...read more.


let your love even with my life decay;" The three poems we have recently been studying are all quite difficult to understand but they share the same interest with love sex and death. Marvels persuasion to his coy mistress is very effective he uses the idea of death to persuade his mistress to snatch the moment while she can which is quite persuasive an would probably persuade most people. Donre's poem Holy Sonnet was thought to be very religious as it defies death donre is a priest who feared nothing not even life itself and would probably gave someone courage if they new they were dying. Sonnet 71 by William Shakespeare also involves the concept of death. He tells his lover to no longer mourn for him after he has died. Shakespeare tells his lover even though he's gone he will always love her. Sonnet 71 would be quite reassuring to someone who has just lost a loved one. Although the poems differ they all share the idea and image of love and death which are strong emotions which effect most people some time in another therefore sharing universal interest. ...read more.

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