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“Look come on, you wanted to earlier, its not like anything’s going to happen is it?”

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5th March 2002 imaginative writing coursework Rachel Harding "Look come on, you wanted to earlier, its not like anything's going to happen is it?" I said this in a way to try and persuade myself that this was just going to be nothing. I gradually gathered up the courage to take the first step onto the driveway. The wind whistled past me causing the leaves to whip my legs and send stinging sensations up my spine as they whirled past me. Forcefully I dragged my weak with fear legs to the most feared front door on the estate. A derelict house lay before me, It was about 100yrs old I guessed It was at this point insanity-replaced fear when I began talking to myself. The pungent smell of mould and moist dusty air confirmed my thoughts. ...read more.


The carpet, dampened by the moist atmosphere, squelched underneath my heavy feet. The temperature became increasingly cold which began to startle me, adding more tension to the situation. The decoration seemed to be magnolia but was hard to make out as it was hidden by the years of mould that lay upon it. Something caught my eye, at further observation it was what seemed to be a picture of a Victorian family, encased in a gold decorated frame. I increasingly began to notice their gloomy expressions, It almost felt as if they were looking at me, trying to tell me something but I just could not work it out. I hesitatingly took one further step, which led me to two doors either side of me. My conscience told me to open the left one, but my instinct contradicted and told me to open the right. ...read more.


He began staring right through me with his deep blue eyes. I began to run but my legs suddenly turned to lead and could take me nowhere. I screamed but nobody heard. Tears streamed down my face making it impossible to see. I shakily took one last dive for the door but my leg just threw me to the ground. I urgently tried to pull myself along with the aid of my arms, but I failed miserably. In a last desperate attempt I threw myself at a blank of wood searching for some kind of weapon to defend my life. But it was to late he clenched my arm, pulled me round and stared longingly into my helpless face. He began to laugh as if he was mocking me; he forcefully dragged his hand back and hit me. ...read more.

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