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“Our day out” by Willy Russell

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Lynton Dell 10 AR 19TH October 2000 G.C.S.E Coursework Literature "Our Day Out" by Willy Russell Drama "Our day out" by Willy Russell is a twentieth century playwright about a group of liverpudlian school children who go on a school outing to Conwy in north Wales. Two of the main characters in this play are Mr.Briggs and Mrs.Kay. Mr.Briggs is a very authoritarian and strict teacher whereas on the other hand Mrs.Kay is a very laid back and relaxed teacher. Willy Russell creates a lot of dramatic impact and humour by the conflict, which occurs throughout the play between these two characters. Two key moments which best illustrates the conflict, humour and dramatic impact can be found at the caf� and the zoo during their day trip to Conwy in north Wales. The first key moment in which I have chosen to illustrate the conflict between these two main characters occurs at the caf�. Here we see Mr.Briggs and Mrs.Kay arguing about whether to supervise the children in the caf�. As the children depart from the coach Mr.Briggs shouts "Stop! Slater, walk! ...Walk! You boy.... Come here. Now stop. All of you stop." This is just one of the many sentences that show the way Mr.Briggs prefers to teach. Mr.Briggs behaviour and the way he talks to the children shows that he is a very strong disciplinarian. ...read more.


"Which notes I thought you were taking care of them" John replied. They both looked at the empty shelves in disbelief. I'm the coach the children were weighed down with the sweets that they had stolen. This part of the scene tells us that the children do misbehave when unsupervised. At the back of Mrs. Kay's mind she had a feeling that something went on in the shop but wasn't sure what. Mac ran out of the doors with John following into the car park to see that the coach was just leaving. "The thievin' little bastards" he shouted. The back window of the coach was just a mass of two fingered gestures. The two men were left standing in the middle of the car park. The main part of this scene is when the shop owners found out that the children had stolen all of the sweets. The second key moment in which I have chosen to illustrate the conflict between Mr.Briggs and Mrs. Kay occurs at the zoo. The main conflict in this key moment is again the different teaching styles and the way that the two teachers want to organise the children around the zoo. Here we see Mr.Briggs talking to the children about a bear in one of the pits. ...read more.


" Right! And now I want the rest!" The coach goes silent for a couple of seconds the animals appear from every conceivable hiding place on the coach. Mr. Briggs goes of the coach to talk to the zookeepers. As Mr. Briggs walks back on the coach the children try to hide their faces. Mr. Briggs pauses for a long, staring, angry and contemptuous moment. Mr. Briggs hits the roof and starts shouting " I trusted you lot...I trusted you. And this, is the way you repay me...I trusted all of you, but its obvious that trust is something you know very little about." You can tell from this scene that Mr. Briggs is a very hotheaded character. In my opinion Mr. Briggs is a very strong disciplinarian and moody teacher. Therefore my sympathy lies with Mrs. Kay's style of teaching because she is a very sympathetic and tender teacher. There are many sentences that show the different style of teaching between these two very different characters. It has therefore been established that Mr. Briggs and Mrs. Kay have very different personalities and there are many conflicts that show this. Page 3 Lynton Dell 10 AR 19TH October 2000 Willy Russell added a lot of dramatic impact and humour. These two characters are so diverse that I believe that they would go on arguing throughout their teaching career. Page 4 ...read more.

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