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“Silas Marner” is a story of redemption through love. Show how Silas is redeemed, but Godfrey’s loss is permanent.

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"Silas Marner" is a story of redemption through love. Show how Silas is redeemed, but Godfrey's loss is permanent. Silas Marner is a story set in the past, set in the city and the countryside. In the beginning of the story Silas suffers for a crime he did not commit. Silas is trailed even though it was his best friend William Dane, who set him up so he could steal Silas's wife to be Sarah. He is trailed by the drawing of lots. Only God would prove whether he was innocent or guilty. The lots showed that Silas was guilty and he was banished from the church in Lantern Yard. After that Silas loses his faith in God and in his fellow human beings, and moves to Raveloe. Here he becomes deeply obsessed with his work. An example of this is. "His first movement after the shock had been to work in his loom; and he went on with this unremittingly." Godfrey on the other hand is the complete opposite to Silas. He deals with problems he knows about only when they confront him. He is weak willed the opposite to Silas. Godfrey is also frightened that anyone will find out about his past, where as Silas does not care who knows about his past. George Eliot shows this contrast throughout the play and this helps to keep the readers interested. ...read more.


This shows using the word companionship in the same way as you would for a human or a pet the George Eliot is getting across the point that Silas treats his gold like a friend. Godfrey uses every situation as a way to escape from his problems. His child is just a way for him to avoid confronting his difficulties and marry Nancy Lammeter. Godfrey does not care for Eppie he just pays for her clothes etc. An example of this is. "And that other child not on the hearth -he would not forget it was well provided for. That was a father's duty. The way Godfrey thinks of Eppie as that and it is not the way a father would speak of a child. Also as well as to provide for a child should he not put a roof over its head. This shows that Godfrey is not caring for the child he is just hiding his secret and not feeling guilty about not looking after the child. I n different ways both men are shut away the difference Similarities are that they both inflict it on themselves and in the end Silas finds it hard to relate to other people. When Silas loses his gold it is a great loss to him! An example of this is that. ...read more.


In this case Godfey is selfish to Silas's feelings an example is that he thinks because of Silas's class that he doesn't know anything about love. When really it is Godfrey who is being selfish. This is a turning point in the story when he realises that he (Godfrey) cannot claim love because when Eppie rejects Godfrey, Godfrey realises that no matter what the class Silas Marner can still love Eppie. Godfrey now knows that just because he is from a higher social class than the weaver doesn't mean that Silas has no feelings. So just as Godfrey rejected her Eppie has rejected Godfrey. George Eliot, I think writes an emotionally binding story with lots of different characters all detailed in their own way in this epic tale of redemption through love. He builds up insight into to two characters Godfrey and Silas whose stories overlap on each other. This contrast becomes stronger bas the story reveal itself. We see how Silas gives his love really to a total stranger without any thought what so ever. The question is still left as to whether Godfrey would still have acknowledged Eppie if he and Nancy could still have had children. I don't think so but that's for you to make your own minds up over. Godfrey still throughout the play does what he thinks is best for himself without thinking of others. Godfrey never ever gives his love unselfishly and that is why he is punished and Silas is not. By Robert Thorne ...read more.

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