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“The person I admire the most”.

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"The person I admire the most" The person I admire the most is my mother. She is such a selfless worker, who despite her aches and pains as well as old age, still gives our whole family a service that we probably don't even deserve. Everyday in the morning, she is there waking us all up, lest we may be late to our destinations, school in my case. I, being one of those lazy individuals who will do anything for any extra fifteen minutes of sleep, always needing that early morning reminder. In any case, our untidy family with their untidy rooms are always cleaned up by mother. ...read more.


To top it all off, I was also born asthmatic. When you consider this, as well as the service she gives us it really is remarkable. When I was younger, I was always in and out of hospital almost every other week after suffering from severe asthma attacks. The way my mother handled all of this is to say the least commendable. My mother is a really strong woman. She has really got nerves of steel. If anyone confronts her, she really does defend in what she believes. We are Muslims, and my mother observes the hijaab (Islamic code of modest dressing). ...read more.


In conclusion, a reader may say that this is a mother-son relationship. Although to some extent it may be, but it extends to much more that. Of course, I love my mother as a son would usually, but my love for my mother extends to much more than that. She was and still is my doctor when I'm ill and my teacher when I don't know something. She is in all, everything I could ever ask for. I pray to God to give her long and healthy life, and may God reward her for all the services she has provide all of us so selflessly. ...read more.

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